Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Well I'm back..to the land of the not so living, haha well living yes, but blogging no. I had a wonderful visit even if I can't remember half the things talked about. I arrived safe and sound on Thursday evening and was picked up by Fran and Amy, and the bus was pretty good, seeing that I had two seats and an almost empty bus. Greg had bible study with the Koreans as I guess they do on Thursdays, Amy and I looked at magazines and basically picked them apart and then we all talked till some late hour and went to bed. :D

Friday: we got up late (thanks the the late hour) and got ready to hit the mall (West Edmonton Mall), I think we left around 11:30 or so, but I'm not sure of that. We walked around the mall for awhile, ate lunch, walked some more, window shopped, went to a movie, tried to find some nice shirts (it was opless), did a few other things I won't meation, ate supper, walked around, and got a ride back. Then Amy and I came to MSN chat as usual and stayed up late as usual.

Saturday: I can't actually remember much of the morning, cept that we made some things for the BBQ at the Dubitz, I think we may have chatted on the computer a bit and then went to the BBQ. The weather was cold so we all stayed inside and talked, sang, ate, and whatever else ppl do when they get together (which includes taking pictures). On the way back it rained and I guess it also started snowing later that night, but I guess we were having it pretty good, since Calgary as well as lower Alberta had a real snow storm, which closed the highways and put out some power lines.

On Sunday we went to church and visited with the ppl...took more pictures, ate supper, and Amy and I stayed up till 5:30 am or so talking.

Monday I packed up my clothes said some "byes" and headed for the bus with Fran, Amy, Steph and Stacey around 12:45pm, I got on the bus...and here I am once more in PG, the ride back was pretty good, except that there were acouple of blondes behind me who didn't have anything to say worth hearing or repeating, so I turned up my music and read my book oh not to forget my two hour nap to make up for the lack of sleep.

Well that's all I have to say at present. :)

Toodle Pip (as the british would say)


Listening to Like a Stone by Audioslave ( not sure about the lyrics since this is only the second time I've heard it).

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Yo, well I'm off to Edmonton in the morning, I should be in bed but at the moment I'm brushing my teeth :D So anyhow, this was a really short notice thing...and my bags are stuffed, now I'm just wondering how many things I forgot to pack and if I'll be able to get it all back in the bags again. Maybe I'll have to up-grade to a bigger bag in the morning, oh well, I guess we'll see, or then again I guess I'll see :)

Sorry so short and dull.



Listening to the sound of the old computer.

Friday, April 18, 2003

So, once more I am here to tell the story of my boring day...You know I should have stuck to the name "Jode's boring blog" since it was fitting, but I guess so is the "not so daily" part in my new title..whatever.

Yesterday I made myself a list of things to do, but I never got around to the yard raking or pruning..instead I spent 10:00 to 1:00 baking two big batches of cookies (one healthier for B/kids and the sugary one for me :D). Then I went to babysit for Teresa Grounds so that she could get her shopping done without having to take all the girls along. Half-way through sitting, Belinda called and said my cousin Timber who is 18 and Jessie a friend of his, showed up for at her house for a visit. So Teresa finished around 6:00, I came home and joined the rest of them for dinner and got to have a nice chat. After dinner Tam and I need to go pick out fabric for our "up and not so coming quilt", Tam thought we'd be pretty quick so we took Timber and Jessie with us. Well it turns out that to pick out 16 different blues (which we finially had to cut down to eight blues and buy twice has much fabric), 5 golds, 4 oranges, 3 lavender, 1 peach, 5 ecru, 3 greens, 1 sage, 1 sage lavender, and there may have been more that I'm not rememebering. Needless to say, we weren't able to pick them all out, figure out how much we needed of each and where we wanted them to be on the quilt in the intended half an hour, so the poor guy spent an hour walking around the store looking bored. They handled it pretty well and Tam and I were going as fast as we could. So after that, the treat for the guys was that we took them to see a skidder they needed to look at down town, so it was Tam and my turn to wait and wait. We did..of course we threatened to drive away, but it was only in fun..the rest of the time we were walking along the fence looking at the machine and trying to understand what the guys were talking about. Then we went home (ate icecream), talked and talked we got to talk about some good things (no Amy, not the Martha Stewart kind)..such as God's law, family, church, and many other things, until it was 1 am and we were all wanting to fall asleep. We always like getting into talks with Timber since he isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, although some of it is off and I'm not sure how much he applies things, but where theirs God's Will, there's a way, even if we don't see it.

So, this morning we got up, ate, talked a little bit more and then they were on their way (their way being Jessie's parents place in Kamloops to pick up some of his stuff to take back with him to Fort Nelson) I guess they are going to go by a few other places to look at some more machines, wee fun. Lets see Tam and I walked to the Mall bought a few groceries, went to Overweitea foods to get a few more that Extra Foods didn't have and that was about all of my day yippee doodle.

Toodle Pip,

Jody, the amazingly long winded for having nothing to say and no certain topic.

Listening to You only disappear by Tom McRae

PS I should be in bed, Tam and I leave to Lara's mom's place to quite at 9 am..oh well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

So here I am after 3 days..I put things off..so sue me..or.. you could see it like I'm saving you time, if I don't write you don't waste your time reading, works for me :D

Today Belinda the kids and I did our grocery shopping, as usual it was long and uneventful, tomorrow more yardwork ho. I did get the backyard done but the front is calling my name and there are some more trees in the front that need prunned, oh and I need to do some baking..ok I'm feeling really boring right about now so I'll sign off and out.

Jodeski <---that ones for you Amy wouldn't want you to feel left out!! :D

PS Irene keep up the good work, you put me and my blog to shame, haha.

I'm listening to nothing..why don't I have my music on??

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Well I just got back from Lara's about half an hour ago. We suceeded in our mission of aquiring a quilt pattern woohoo!! (sorry I had to) It's going to be an activity quilt, really cute but also very hard. We're supposed to go back next week when her mom is home, and her mom will help us put it together. Her mom is an awesome quilter and the best I've seen yet (not that I've seen many). She uses paper patterns to sew her fabric together for her quilts..but that's too hard to explain, you'd have to see it for yourself, not that you want to :D. We also watched The God Father which is rather a chilling movie, I only saw the second half since Lara and Tam watched the first half last week..Mobs are awful things and once you start the ball rolling there's no real stopping..also showed a lot about the RC church but I shan't get into that.

Well Tam and I planted some flowers tonight at 9, (odd I know) but seeing that Tam wanted to plant them and today's her day off and we didn't get back until 8:30 it seemed like a wise thing to do.

Anyhoe didn't say much on here but I thought I should say something even if it wasn't worth reading. :D Btw thanks for the effort Amy. :D

Jodu <--that one's for you Chris

PS Lara's going to come to church again. :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Ok, so here I am and I had better spit the last two days out pretty fast seeing that it's pretty late (almost tomorrow)...why is it that I can never post earlier?

Yesterday..what did I do..oh that's right, the main event was me walking to the mall in the rain (the rain that started less then a minute after I set foot outside) to return a Whinnie the Pooh movie (The Book of Pooh, as if you wanted to know) and to finally send my mom's ever-late birthday present to her. Her birthday is actually in January but seeing that she wanted a couple of pictures blown-up and framed as a present and we were affraid of them braking, we had been hoping that my dad would be able to come for a visit when Shawn was in town and take the pics back with him for mom, but alas that didn't work out. So I took them to the post office and found that they really don't make the right size of boxes for sending such gifts, so I had to take a trip to the grocery store to find a box, I had to rip the box to make it fit, had to buy the tape to make it stay together and I had to buy a marker to write on the box. I then realized that I (being the idiot I am) forgot to write so much as a note to send with it...so I then proceeded to find I nice government envolope (I knew they'd come in handy some time) which I ripped open and wrote on with my handy-dandy marker, somehow I got it in to the already taped up box and finally I sent it..woohoo.

Today as usual, was grocery shopping day which Belinda and I did in rather good time. I got a call from the Grounds around 5 saying that they needed a sitter at 6 - 10, so that's what I did with the remainder of my evening, it was all good and fine.

Now that I've bored you to sleep with yet more useless info I'll leave you in peace and head for bed. Oh and look at the time..I was too slow.

Have a good sleep and day ya'll.


Song in Head: Make Up Your Mind by Theory Of A Dead Man

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Real date April 5, 2003

Well lets see, today I woke-up really late, (no, I'm not telling you what time)Manda called soon after I awoke to talk to Tam, so I got the other phone and joined right in (with their knowing of course, they don't care though, since it saves Manda time being able to talk to everyone at once :D). We talked about so many things that I can hardly remember one of them...sorry :D. There was the part about the D Harts, but you've probably heard enough about that sad subject. Um I think an hour or two's worth of talk was about parenting and the right way to do it. Talked about a few people's houses and prayer requests and awhole lot more so that's all I'm gonna say about that.

When we finally got off the phone at around 5:00 or 5:30 (hard to remember since my watch is dead), did a quick clean of the house and went bowling with awhole lot of Tam's co-workers and their kids. It was a going away party of sorts for one of the bosses sons (TR), who is taking a hiking trip or guiding, in the Yukon, just where I wanted to spend my summer. So I got put on a team, and bowled..kinda badly, but hey, who really cares when almost everyone else was doing just as poorly as I. It may have been a little more fun if I had been put on the same team with Tam, but as it was my team was pretty good and there were chips and pop..oh and cake..so who really needs "Fun" it's all relative anyhow.

Well enough rambling for one night, hope you're better employed then I am at present :D.

Jodei <---just to throw everyone off

Oh, and I'm listening to notta.

Real date April 1, 2003

I thought I'd take another try at this, just so I can say that I at least tried.

I find blogs rather hard to keep up with, since for one, you never really have anything to say other than such boring things you've done in your day, you know the ones I mean, in fact they are the same ones you do everyday maybe adding a new one here or there like "today I clipped my nails, they were long". The second reason being how hard they are to post and keep in order, well unless you pay money, but who wants to do that for something they probably won't use much although knowing that I paid for it may make me use it since I hate to waste any cash. As for the program I'm useing right now..well lets just say it won't even let me copy or paste so Archives are a nightmare. The third reason it's hard..people might actually read what you write, in which case you don't want to put down every random thought in your head since you may have one or two people looking at you like you're a nut from the peanut jar or peanut butter jar which may be worse since in that case not only are you a nut but you're a crushed nut.

But anyhow, I said I'd try, so here I am and at the moment I am doing the same thing I do every night Pink....no, not take over the world, I only do that one weekends...I'm sitting in this brown fold-up chair that likes to pull hair, brushing my teeth, typing nonsense on my second blog that hopefully I'll only show to Amy.

Well the evening isn't getting earlier and my eyes aren't getting lighter so I shall shove of.

Good night Jody...
bye Jode

Real date March 25, 2003

Not up to much today, cuz it got me partner (the nasty cold that is), even poor Belinda caught it a couple days ago. So I spent my day sleeping and coughing.

This evening was bible study so that's where Tam and Shawn are at present, since the rest of the sickies opted out.

We had some guys come and put a water system in. But they left the door open all day, so it was really cold in here. They also let the cat outside, but we somehow got him back in.

Oh and I figured out what we did on Saturday, I must not have got enough sleep when I wrote my last post, or I would have remembered that Shawn actually got here on Saturday not Friday. So the mystery is solved.

Jody, signing out after a word from my sponsors "Stay Healthy and Happy"

Listening to nothing since Winamp doesn't like me

Posted@9:00 pm, March 26, 2003
Real date March 25, 2003

Well, here I am to give a quick update on my weekend as well as what has been happening so far this week. If you are bored already I suggest you leave :D.

Ok, Shawn and Tam got here a little after 6pm or so, we ate the pizza that somehow turned out being good (go figure), We sat around and talked the rest of the evening. So that was Friday.

On Saturday wwee, did something but I can no longer remember, hm. I'll have to think about Saturday and get back to you on that.

We had a lovely Lord's day, although poor Mark and Calvin are sick, so they stayed home. Lara came to church and gave Tam and Shawn a ride. We had the fellowship meal at our home, since no one was afraid of getting a cold and we didn't want to leave Mark out and he certainly didn't want to be left-out :).

On Monday, Tam and Shawn went out for lunch with some of the ladies from Tam's work. In the evening, Shawn, Tam, Lara and I, went to Taste Buds for supper and then had a bible study (Tam and Lara normally have one on Monday's)in the back corner of the cafe. Got home, stayed up late..all of the usual. (btw, Amy if you have a copy of chat can you send it my way, please :D)

Today we got up late (as usual) I dyed Tam's hair (just a hint of red), Shawn and her went out to lunch at the Grenons, got back here, we all made supper, Lara and Julia came over for supper, as we had previously planned and played a board game. The night is not yet over so I think I'll sign off.

Hope you're all having a swimming good time,


Listening to Nothing by...well, no one.

Posted@11:00 pm March 25, 2003
Real date March 22, 2003

I think I finally found a way to move my posts to archives (yahoo!). I ended up having to do it through my Word Processor, since this PageBuilder wouldn't let me copy or paste. I had to paste it from my actual page then put it into Processor, save it, then open it in the builder. :) So now I'll have room to post all of my unexciting news.

So anyway, Shawn hasn't arrived here yet although Tam has gone to the airport to pick him up.

We're having pizza tonight, we were going to make the dough in the bread maker but I being the tired idiot that I am, tripled the recipe so that we had too muhc dough for three pizzas and far too much for the bread maker. So I worked that out, put half in the over to rise and the other half in the bread maker. Now to the really sad part, Belinda forgot that half of my dough was in the oven. So we now have a round loaf of pizza dough bread :D. I'm very glad I had half in the maker, so it ends up that we'll being have two pizzas instead of three. Well I must go, for they need toppings :D



Listening toWhere are you going by Dave Mattews Band.

Posted@5:43 pm March 22, 2003

Real date March 19, 2003

better make this quick, it's way past the time I should be in bed.

Ok,Today I got up at around 7am, had breakfast, read, quilted, grocery shopped,
went for a nice half an hour walk in our beautiful weather, mailed my tax return (while I was on my walk) and a few other things that I won't waste your time with.

When Tam got back from work we went and got a couple of movies...as well as some awfully good icecream.

In other news I just about killed myself tonight by swollowing two big vit.C's, or rather not..quite swollowing them. I think you get the point that one of them got stuck in my throat and it didn't want to go down for anything (it hurt so stinking bad!)at least not until I threw-up (sorry for telling you that part, but it's not like I made you read it :D). So after it went down, I felt a bit better, though I now feel like I have a hole in my throat....Now I'm starting to wonder if taking vit.C only keeps you from getting a cold by killing you before the cold takes hold. I'll have to waste my time pondering that question later, for my bed is calling me.

Hope you're sleeping, unlike me,

"Jode, the crazy" from lack of sleep and a hole in her throat.

PS I'll read this tomorrow and find a ton of typos.

Listening to, well never mind it's too late for this :D.

Posted@1:35 am March 19, 2003
Real date March 17, 2003

Ok, today is now Monday, but I'll take the time to expound on what happened on Friday.

Friday night, After having bought a few groceries, Lara (Tam's co-worker/friend) and Tam came and picked me up. We had to wait around here for an extra half an hour because Mark and Belinda were still out on a walk and the kids were with us. We got in the car,. Lara put on a CD (the one I made) we then proceeded to sing our heads off. We had to take the long way to pick up Lara's other friend (Julia) since the shortcut was blocked by a huge puddle that was starting to resemble a lake. Needless to say, we weren't willing to swim it.

We arrived at the house Lara is sitting. She busied herself with giving meds to a couple of old pets that were left in her care, while the rest of us started dinner. We finished eating at around 9:30 or so, baked some cookies (haystacks and oatmeal), got crackers, spread and what-not. Then to the living room to watch movies. Went to bed at around 2:00 am.

Got up at 10:00, ate breakfast. Tam, who was getting Lara to give her a ride to a dentist appointment, realized that she had forgotten her purse at home. But was able to call her work and get whatever number that she need to receive dental coverage. After she got back from the dentist, we decided to go eat lunch at a cafe. We then went window shopping, Tam bought a sweater (I lent her some money :D) and the other girls got to run a few errands. Tam and I got home at about 5:00 pm ate dinner and cleaned up with what little energy we had left.

The End.

Listening to Shawn Mullins-Everywhere I Go

Posted@1:37 March 17, 2003
Real date March 14, 2003

Hm, where shall I start. Today I wasted far too much time trying to set up a site that I will probably never use. Belinda and I took the kids sledding which was fun, and the weather is super warm (5c), which means that I should take a walk around the block (with my cdplayer of course). As a few of my fans (yeah right) know, I'm going to a girly sleepover tonight which I need to get ready for, after my walk. I may write about it later so don't stay tuned. :D


PS I'm listening to..well wait a second..I need it change it first :D River, Sea Ocean by Badly Drawn Boy

Posted@1:37 pm March 14, 2003

Monday, April 07, 2003

Hmm, lets see what to say...well archiving should now be as easy as pie, and I like pie. Thanks Amy :D