Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Okay, so I had to try it after Tam did it, right? Doesn't make a lot of sense, but I guess that's as much like a person's life as anything. :)

Opening Credits: On the Bound – Fiona Apple

Waking up: Girl Sailor – The Shins

Falling in Love: Salamandra – Sarah Harmer

Fight Song: Same Thing - Pete Yorn

Breaking Up: Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay

Formal/Prom: On the Bound - Fiona Apple

Life: A Moth is Not a Butterfly – Hawksley Workman

Mental Breakdown: So Say I – The Shins

Driving: Hundred – The Fray

Flash Back: Looking After You – The Fray

Getting Back Together: How Deep in the Valley – Sarah Harmer

Wedding: I Know – Fiona Apple

Birth of a Child: Trouble - Coldplay

Final Battle: Over My Head – The Fray

End Credits: How to Save a Life – The Fray

Part 2.

So where did I leave off.. I think we were on the way to Auntie Debbie’s. We got to visit with Debbie and co. till they had to leave Monday morning, after which the pet care-taking commenced, as well as the sewing. As it’s already been over two weeks, most of the weekly details are missing in my mind. I remember that I didn’t kill the fish, the hamster only escaped once, and Tam and I shaved the dogs (and when I say shaved, I mean shaved). :D We drank lots of coffee, sewed lots of things, did some cleaning, and visited with all of our relatives.

I will now expound, although somewhat briefly, on the relative part, as it was a highlight. On Friday Uncle Jamie and Auntie Val had Tam and I over for dinner, we had a lot of good conversation, and good food, we got to see all of their kids, but for Judah who was with his choir in Ontario, and I even obtained some artwork from a couple of them. :) They also had us over for breakfast and dinner on the Lord’s day. Brad was back (he’s been boarding with them) as well, and so we spent the day well, in more talking, music, and a pleasant time all around.

On our last weekend there we had Uncle Danny, Vera and co. stop in (when we heard they were coming we knew it was time to stop sewing and start packing), and while Danny and some of the boys went to the Forestry Show, Auntie Vera, Tam, the little girls and I went shopping, big surprise huh? I think it’s only because the guys aren’t willing to shop, so someone has gotta do it. Thankfully we live through it better than most men. This is something that should make guys happier, they shouldn’t criticize women who shop, but be thankful they have something to wear often because of it. Have to think about that one more to myself, how nice would it be if someone else always found what I wanted to wear, and what would look good on me, and I never had to go through the tiring, hot, and stressful process? :D So as I was saying, we went shopping, and had a nice time of it, as shopping and multitasking, in the form of visiting, worked very well together.

After coming back for lunch Tam and Vera went out, while I stayed to keep an eye on the kids, and to make dinner. After popping some lasagna in the oven, and prepping a few other things, the kids and I took a pleasant walk/race/hop-skip-and-a-jump to two of the neighboring parks. Got to enjoy the feeling of gravel, and sand in my shoes, but helping Pearl on the slides, and Blossom and Joel on the bars made it well worthwhile. After the allotted space of time passed we had to return (yeah, another race) home to save the food from the oven. Danny and Vera left to a dinner, and Uncle Steven, Auntie Lovella, Bethany, and a friend of hers joined us for ours. Then Danny, Vera, and some of their friendly neighbors from Fort Nelson came back to spend the rest of the evening in conversation, and cake eating (it was Auntie Vera’s b-day).

Then after going to bed later than was good for any of us, after doing some scheming for next years family reunion, at about 5 or 6 am the sleepy homeowners returned to reclaim their home, Poodle-Pointers, fish, and Pie. They were so sleepy on their drive that tale has it, that they all fell asleep on the road, and drove right through the ditch and out again, while hardly waking up during the performance. They didn’t however reclaim their beds, as we all got up, and stayed up, except for Uncle Danny, who wouldn’t wake for love or money until he was well rested. :) We looked at pictures of Mexico, and felt very sleepy. Tam and I finished packing. For this part you must picture bags packed twice over, containing twice what they should normally hold, with one girl sitting on them, while the other is closing them and it'll be about right. We commenced with more talking , drinking of more coffee, and were on our roads to our two different destinations.

So now it's off to bed, so the process of living can begin again, while continuing as it has. :)


PS Yeah, I'm tired now. :D