Friday, June 25, 2004

No smoking around tellurianiam. Thankyou for your co-operation.



Saturday, June 19, 2004

The way it happened.

Friday morning (June 11th)arrived bright and early. Manda, Lonna, Ann and myself went to the Horizon Ridge clubhouse first thing to set up for the ceremony, while Tam tried to catch a little more shuteye. Of course the decorating took longer than planned, but at least it looked nice. :D So after setting out the chairs, lamps, trees with tulle/lights, aisle with petals, cake table, guestbook table and all that jazz we returned to the Prices about an hour off of our original course. Finishing up a rushed breakfast we gathered everything together and loaded up the van. We were to be at Amy Mill's for hair and makeup at 1:00pm, it was now about 1:30 and Kathryn Hart was to meet us there to curl/fix Tam's hair. So late we were, but we got right down to business, hair was fixed, makeup on, clothing and shoes all around, the guys had their ties and boutonnieres, the parents were also gathered and on to the pictures. We had at first allotted about 2 hours to photos but with running late we had to cut it to 45-60 minutes. We walked over to the building, since Amy lives in the same complex (if that's the right was to say it). As the guests were arriving we took a few shots in front of the clubhouse until our appointed starting time, but it turns out we couldn't start on time anyhow because Larry B. had to go pick up more people (there hadn't been enough room in the first car load) so we took about 30 minutes more of photos and proceeded with the ceremony. What to say about the was lovely..beautiful, the music was awesome..only complaint was having to stand in the aisle for over a minute so D. could take a picture. After the ceremony we then went across to a big treed lawn to take still more pictures of all types of groupings. While we the bridal party and family was doing that, all the wonderful ladies were hard at work setting up for the reception by preparing food and decorating the tables. The receptions was also very nice, toasts, pictures, cake etc. it all went swimmingly. The bride and groom took off at about 9 or 9:30 pm, cleanup started then a bunch of us went over to the B's to continue visiting, then off to bed. That was the day of the wedding and I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get something up about it. :)
Wedding photos

Sorry there are only a couple on there so far. There are a lot more where those came from, just need to have them resized and posted..soon. :D


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Yo all,

So here I am in the..well outside of the city of Albany. My parents, Tam and I are all staying out at our G & L's place. Tomorrow is the big day, the day of the wedding, we've been here and there and what seems like just about everywhere, buying this and picking up that. We arrived on Tuesday night, later than we were supposed to since there were a couple loops or ditches we had to climb though. :D Leaving Mark and B's late didn't really make for a great start, but we managed to get on the planes despite being the last on and having to run for our lives. We then landed in Vancouver and thought we had quite a bit of time, but still without delay we went to where we thought our bags we get off so we could check them through customs. Yep, that's right we "thought" but after having waited for over 15 mintues we decided that we had better get it in gear and find out what was up. After Tam checked with an Air Canada grumpy pants. On a side note there were quite a few of those (grumps), I say what is the world coming to when the only friendly ppl happen to be those waiting in a huge line and the only thing that really means "have a good day" are the napkins served with the pretzles? Well we found out where we had gone wrong..bags only come to this localtion when you're staying in Canada, but go to a whole other brake for transfers when going to the US. So off we went again going through customs, got Tam's visa stamped and that was followed by an interview at which she got another stamp. It was about 10 to 9am by this time and our flight was set to depart at we had the last call before we were only half of the way to our gate they were calling our names and we were certainly running for all we were worth. We made it just in time, although maybe just a tad stressed ;). Then to Chicago where we had a long layover that only became longer when our crew got stuck in Dallas due to thunderstorms. That added about 3 more hours to the waiting, so we just hung around with our bags, read, walked around, and I almost finished a bookmarker. So Albany at last with ppl to pick us up, the party which included Shawn's parents, Shawn's bro (Brian) Ed and the man himself (Shawn that is). Then to talk and bed. Next day we had a wedding shower for Tams, went to malls and ate ect. with Shawn's family and hit the hay once again. Today was rehearsal time and was quite busy much in the same way, with a dinner at Jen's and after all that a trip to Walmart. Tomorrow come wedding or bust.

Very tired, signing out, sorry about typos and such, haven't reread and too tired and tired to care, so make of it what you can. :D