Saturday, May 24, 2003

Hey there,

We are right about to take off from FL, over all it was a lot of fun. Yesterday we went to clearwater was so pretty and warm, we (Ashley, Rachel, Christopher, Jessie and I) spent most of the time playing in the waves and I picked up a few shells, fed some birds..think DeeDee took a few pics of that (makes note to throw the pics away before anyone sees them), ate lunch, played in waves...and last but not least got a really burn ooowww..we did have "water proof" sun screen on but in little writing on the back it says to re-apply after sweating or getting wet..ugh. I'll live, but I really must go, we're ready to take off. Sorry for typos I haven't the time to read this :)

Not sure if I'll be on the comp tonight, but we'll see, have a great day and weekend everyone who reads this stupid thing. :D

Jode "the over rushed"

PS. Thanks again for the chat Amy and Chris..but what happened to the rest of it? It kinda cut off..oh well, tata.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

It is now Thursday, only two more days before we leave. Yesterday we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom in the frying sun and sticky sun screen :P, boy was it hot, but never the less we were able to enjoy ourselves . We walked around and looked at all of the different animals, the kids got pictures taken of them with Pooh and crew and went on a few ride, all of which were fun, although none topped or even came close to the topping the MindBender or the Drop of Doom. I think my favorite was the one that had to do with river rafting since you get soaked, which is always nice on a hot day.

So I think we were there from around 10am to 6pm then headed back to the condo for rest and showers. We then went to Medieval Times for dinner, which is dinner and a tournament, so you eat while you watch a bunch of knights fighting, a king yelling at the knights, a twitty princess and you also scream your head off cheering for your color, then you get your paper crown signed and then you go to bed (my favorite part :) ).

So ended yesterday, and I think tomorrow is beach day.

Well I think that about it for the moment, I should go find something to do with myself :).


Monday, May 19, 2003

Well it is now Monday, so far we've done swimming, mini golf and checked out the fitness room, it it waaay to hot out there to live (I think it's around 30 or more). The kids are going for another round of swimming, but I for one am staying with the A/C :D.

The sad news is that these comps can't get Yahoo Mess. or into MSN chat, so I'll have to live with just having email and start blogging! :P

I shall be off, leaving you with yet another short blog.


BTW Amy, can you send tonights chat to me?..pretty please, or whoever may have it, thanks a bunch.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that we made it to Orlando safe and sound and our making ourselves at home in this really nice condo. :)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ok, it's late as usual so all you get is a really quick, unedited over-view, skipping impressions and such :) maybe next time (as if), so here goes nothin'.

On Saturday we got up and started getting ready to go, but we got up late and all the kids were on the slow side so we left to the Strawberry Festival late. We arrive at the SF over half an hour late, so we were only able to stay for 1/2 an hour, but that gave us enough time to buy some strawberries and look at a bunch of craft booths and such. So after that we headed back for Forsyth, for Austin's (a cousin of the kids) birthday party, had the cake, pop, burgers, presents and such.

John and Tony were here on the Lord's day as perusual, had lots of good thought provoking talks, good sermon, and everything else that makes the Lord's day a true blessing and joy to keep.

Monday was Michael's 6th birthday, so once more we went to the park and had the cake, presents, pictures, (forgot that one last time :) ) pizza (couldn't have burgers twice after all) the sugar filled pop, and a treasure hunt, which I was included in, haha. Monday night Ashley was on so thus the reason I didn't show. Oh I also put the last stiches in a seal on the quilt, so I'm free from that project. :)

Tuesday the computer was down as well as most of today.. er, Wednesday (boy it's late). We started putting Manda and Josh's quilt together on Wednesday, which is how we spent most of the day and just about everything else is a blur, oh and we got this computer running, now there's a relief.

Today I need to go to bed or I will get nothing done. We leave for Florida on Saturday morning so we'll be doing the packing and getting a few of the hand stitch parts of the quilt together, so we can do that we sew while we travel. So I may see a few of you in Friday chat and I think I'm out of things to say, cept that I will rememeber the post cards (I feel like I'm going to forget somehow, haha)

Well have a nice week/end and I'll be dropping in now and then to say a word or two.. I hope (you hope not :D)

toodley-do (weird I know, it's off the top of my head..and it is late)


Friday, May 09, 2003


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yep that's me..graceful and dignified, what a joke although I suppose I am tragic in my own way :P
Well the laundry is calling once more, and I'm almost done the quilt (the baby one)..woohoo!! :)

I'll try to write when I have something worth saying, in other words, I might write next year. :)


Monday, May 05, 2003

Ok, so here I am in GA..yes that's right I made it in piece, although I did have a three hour..hmm I guess I could call it a tour or a wrong turn..haha. Anyways, I woke-up at 4:30 Saturday morning to get ready to leave, I had gone to bed at 12 eh heh, so that makes four hours of sleep, but I was feeling pretty awake. So my dad (who was in town for a couple of days to pick up machine parts and such) took me to the airport I got my boarding pass and said my "bye" and got on the plane. When taking off I was tempted to say "weeeee", it felt kinda like a roller coaster ride. All of my flights went well, I enjoyed each one, the view was awsome (I had the window seat for all three of my flights), I didn't feel sick, although maybe a bit light headed (for your info Chris, they gave me a bag of potato chips and the bag certainly puffed up..although even with the pressure I was able to sleep for two hours on my flight from Seattle to you were wong and I was happy I took my pillow :P). I arrived in Atlanta about 15 minutes early and found my bag, yes I was really happy to see it. Here's where things went wrong..of course they had to go wrong or I wouldn't have anything to write about :D. Well where shall I start in the wrongness, I picked up my bags and in my one sentence of directions, it said for me to pick up my bags and take the tram to the end of the line..well I didn't see a tram but I did see a train, so went over to a lady a the station and asked her if there was an "end of the line" and of course she told me that there are north, west, east, south and a couple of other ones..I showed her my directions and she said that I was at the right place but I wasn't sure where to go to. I tried using a payphone for the next half an hou,r but for some stupid reason the Shaw's numbers weren't working, I also tried a few other numbers and I couldn't get a hold of anyone, I even got the help of acouple of different ppl and still nothing, so one of the ladies got a phone book and a map and figured out which "end of the line" was the closest to Forsyth well the closest one was the North Spring End, so I got on the subway train. I get off at the end and there's no one I know there, I tried to do more phone calls..yes by this time over an hour had gone by and I felt like crying..if fact I think I did cry a bit..but you would have too if you only had 4-5 hours of sleep and had walked all over the country side lugging your bags anyhow I called Mark and B, and their number actually worked, but I only had two minutes to tell him everything and I wanted him to get a hold of DeeDee, so that they would know where I was, but they still wouldn't be able to get ahold of me since the stupid payphone didn't have a number on it. I then tried a phone that was for assistance..and boy did I need it..haha. A nice young couple came up to me and asked if I need some help, the girl had a cell phone yippy!! I called DeeDee and found out that there was a tram in the airport that I was supposed to take, but it just so happens that I didn't come in the Gate DeeDee thought I would come in, so I didn't see a tram anywhere and don't ask me why none of the ppl I talked to earlier didn't tell me that the tram was at the airport, the only ones who actually knew, were the couple with the phone..argh. So I got back on the train, an hour later I got back to the airport, the Shaws were there and we left about 3 hours from when we probably would have left, if I hadn't arrived early and if they hadn't arrived late, haha. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) Oh and I'll have to do the postcard thing later, cuz it was after 12 when I got back to the airport and I had been planning to pick the cards up after I found the Shaws at 9 or so..but since that didn't heh.

Well I should probably be on my way, hope everyone had a good weekend. :D


PS This better work cuz I keep getting booted..oh and I'm sorry for any typos and missing commas, I haven't reread :D