Sunday, October 12, 2008

The above pictures were borrowed from others, as I opted not to be stuck behind a camera :D
Alright, it's high past time that I blog, and as I am briefly in the mood to do so, I shall get right to it. Now where was I? Oh yes, that family reunion, this shall be the very snappiest so that I can be up to date once more.

After we got to Dave and Becky's, and B and I slept on the ground, I think that's where I left off.

The next morning I received a piping hot mocha from Uncle Dave, who is extremely generous with the chocolate and cream, yum, I've been craving these, and their coffee since I left. As I believe I mentioned they have the best bakery on the Island, and I say this with great confidence, even though it's the only one I've been to on the Island (what can I say, I love my family, and am proud of their skills :D) . After this Uncle Dave took a load of us out with two boats, and after getting licenses we went fishing. I can't say I brought in much of anything, other than what I would consider a baby fishy, someone else's line, and a few big things that got off before I could bring them up..that's about it. It was fun, and to top it all of, Uncle Danny had his 12 or so passenger van get stuck on a bolder. :D We returned to the bakery, and helped make dinner, or something of the like. I think Jord and Dor arrived around here somewhere. And hm, I drank my share of coffee after only 4-5 hours of sleep. I think this was one of the nights we had a great family story telling time around the fire, and so we went to bed late.

The next day (Friday) we played several paintball games, with the Warrens and in-laws pitted against the Soles. I won't go into a lot of detail there, but it was super fun, despite the welts. After this a bunch of us took a trip to a beautiful shallow river (at the part we went to), that had a bottom of slate, with various sizes of water filly pot holes in it. So it was like a ton of nice cool bath tubs to play in. Various people began to leave either for home or Jason and Vicky's wedding. Shawn and Tam arrived in the evening, and we worked out all of the details for the wedding travel, and had another night around the fire.

Saturday we headed to Victoria, men in one van (including Clint) and women in the other, for the wedding, where after the reception Jord and Dor headed back to the main land, and Shawn, Tam, Belinda, the kids, and I headed back to Uncle Dave's. We arrived pretty late, and went to bed.

On the Lord's day we visited, and after listening to a sermon we went for a walk in a very beautiful park, where Shawn read to us. Yeah, it was nice, and that sentence certainly doesn't do it justice. :)

Monday it was Shawn and Tam's turn to play paintball, and so I had a lot of fun doing that again, and boy did I get hit. :D I think we had a nice long talk with Uncle Dave in the evening, and Auntie Becky was also able to take some time out to join us...or was that the day before? Hmm

Tuesday, I don't remember much. Oh that's right! We went boating with Uncle Dave, without the fishing part. Walked along the beautiful sandy beach, tossed shells, and got very wet. It was rainy on the way back, and the waves were kinda cutting across the boat, so we, kids and all, were soaked. Had a total Cast Away moment, went Calvin lost a Wilson volley ball, it just floated away. I think after we got changed Tam, B, and I did some grocery shopping, Belinda forgot some groceries in the store, so Tam and I went back for them, and we also had to find some sandals for Shawn,, got his wet? Then I took Shawn and Tam to the airport, and returned to pack up all of our junk, and somehow managed to cram it all back in.

The next morning it was off for home, we made the ferry, and it was smooth sailing, excepting a big rain storm, but we made it home safely, albeit very.

Ok, so that was it, minus a lot of highlights.

As for lately, I've been keeping crazy busy with school, and there's always more, so it's hard to get things done, and take time for something like blogging. Perhaps I'll have one of my weekly school rants on here sometime, there's always a lot to think about and digest with my classes in this humanistic world. But sleep takes prioity with a busy week ahead.

So until next time, keep fit and have fun,