Thursday, August 28, 2003

The more I've been looking around lately, the more I see how insurance makes so much sense, how your house can totally burn down, and if you payed for the right coverage, it can be built right back up, funiture and all. Without it you'd end-up with nothing but a pile of ash and rubble, unless you had the sense to save acouple thousand a year, just incase, but even then a lot of younger couples' places burn down too, and they haven't had the time to save, so wow. I guess so far here in BC there have been over 300 hundred forest fire, a bunch of which have been caused by careless people, around Kamloops almost 30,000 residents were made to leave because of the Okanagan Mountain Park fire. 248 homes and more than 200 square kilometres were burnt in it. It is now heading for Cranbrook last I heard. In other news, we had a bank/ hotal burn down in town here, they aren't sure what caused the fire, but there was a lot of smoke in the sky and you can still smell it when the wind blows. I heard on the news that, our government only put a side 44 million for forest fires this year, and we've been using 8 million a day, and have already payed over, well I can't remember, but around a quarter billion, so we're going to be in the hole. Don't you love high taxes?? I sure do..ugh. But it's time to count my blessings, after all it could be Prince George that's burning, it's amazing what something like fire can do, when it gets out of hand, reminds me of one of those reality computer games, you build your cities and they burn down around your ears, no to mention invaders, but we don't have that part here, phewf. :D

Today Tammy and I went out to the the Claim, yes she had the day off, so we thought we'd make it a berry picking adventure. We knew it was a bit late in the year for berries, seeing that it's late Augest and has been a rather warm but we thought we'd try anyways. Turns out the it was a bad year for huckle berries (which imo are one of the best berries in the word) but we did find some good thimble berries, so it wasn't a loss as far as berries go, but it was also a nice trip down memory lane. We did so much walking/ running up and down the hills, hunting for berries in the Eskers, that right now, even though I tried to have a nap, I'm wiped. We went and looked at the place were we lived, all the burnt buildings
are still there although covered in grass and trees that didn't used to be there, it all looked so different that I'm starting to feel rather old, the small trees were really big. I believe it's been over three years since I've been out there, so talk about nostalgia. All in all, it was a lot of fun, singing and picking. Although Mark's car may be a little worse for the ware. It still amazes me that we had to use that road every time we went to town, up and down and around and brush everywhere. Well you must be tired of hearing about it, so I'll leave off that topic.

Tam and I are probably going to Walmart tonight, to buy some fabric, for a quilt, and then to the mall to hear some local (:P) bands that are playing there, punk bands no doubt, but at least it's close and free. Just so long as no one mistakes us for teenybopper, it'll be fine. :)

Well I'm off to eat, I'm starving. Adios


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Thursday, August 21, 2003


I can hardly say I'm back, since I didn't really go anywhere. But I'm here at anyrate, and the visits all went great, but as for details, I don't think I'll write many, but here's a very quick messed-up over view.

When they were here we had a Fellowship meal on the Lord's day and a BBQ on Tuesday and played a game of b-ball which was really fun (didn't even keep score), we had all of the ppl from our church here, and more. My Aunty Rose came by, and Tanis Leo and her boys, Trista Grenon and her little daughter, Laura, Kyla and Michael Taron, Paul from Vancouver, Brandi (Milly Savilles granddaughter) and the Yliruusi family, and then all of our usual people. So there was quite a group, it started around 5pm and ended some time after 10pm. A couple of my cousins came by for a visit as well as my dad's old bosses wife and her daughter. So visits upon visits, it was really busy without much in the way of sleep. Oh, we also watched a couple of old family videos tonight.

My dad was able to come the weekend before last and left Monday morning. Dor had her birthday on Monday the 11th, so we had pizza and cake. The Taron girls stayed with us from the Lord's day evening till after the BBQ. Umm, a lot of trailing thoughts here, eh heh. My mom was able to arrive here after the BBQ. Manda went out to Cheryl's on Wednesday afternoon, and Shawn and Tam went there on Thursday. We stayed up till after 3 am Thursday, packing and such. Friday morning I drove them to the airport, and off they went.

Little Joshua is the cutest little bundle, but of course I would think so, and a pretty happy baby :)

I finally got a bunch of pictures up and my yahoo, only leaving me with 5% of my room to spare. Here's the link Manda, Shawn and Joshua's trip pics

Well need to get upstairs, the dishes await.


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Haha, let me try that again "My pics"
Hey guys,

I finally got some pictures up at!+Photo+Album/trip+to+Edmonton+July+17th-22nd&.src=ph&.view=t , I hope the link works, if not just go to my yahoo photos the long way.

Well I gotta run, hope you have a good day.