Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Happy Slightly Belated 4th Anniversary to Josh and Manda. :D Hope you guys had a nice one. :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Dorry! :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ok, seriously going through a blogger low. Sorry about the lack of posts, the boring posts, and in matter of fact, for living. :)

Mark, Belinda, and Geneva just got back this evening from Victoria. They had been there since Monday evening, and from the sounds of it they enjoyed their stay. Calvin, Baillie and I managed to keep ourselves preoccupied at home by spending our time in activities such as bike ridding, walking, quilting (okay, that was only me), vegging with movies, crafting, choring, and catechizing. We also managed to eat our share of less than healthy food, but what's the point of an at home vacation (time off from school for them) without their share of sugar? :D

So what's on the up and comings and the to do's of life? Not sure myself. Found out from Manda's blog today that she's having a girl! :D:D So that's great news, can't wait for December just for that reason, although I could do without the snow. Funny, after our hot weather left I kept having this feeling as though summer was over already. Had to remind myself that it's not even mid August yet, phew. Speaking of Fall, I'm starting to feel the stresses of getting some fall and winter gear modeled and ready to put up on Scarlet Stitch. First I gotta design it, sigh. So far that's going alright, but not sure if I'll be able to have it sent to Tam as soon as I was hopping. Well, I do what I can, or at least when I can, when I feel like it. See that's the down side, the "feel like it" part. But then it also depends on how may functioning brain cells I have working at any given moment in a day and how many bent serger needles. :) No really, so far I'm remaining encouraged on that front, just gotta be diligent.

For those who are curious, Martin and my courtship is going well, continuing to get to know each other better, over a range of life's topics.

Just about finished listening to a course on CD that Greg Bahnsen did on Western Philosophy. I found it really interesting, and warranting another hearing, time permitting. But there's always something else that you want to hear, read, or watch, that takes the place of reruns, so we'll see. Mark has some lectures going, the topic of them being argumentation. I've gone through a few of those..yeah good material. Odd how many of the structures we follow naturally, but never knew how to break down the different areas of arguments, or what forms we were hearing. Still we're able to judge to come extent those that are sound from the fallacious, and those that apply to our lives. Fun learning how to break them down though, to see what structures work better where, and why. To yeah, Mark's been really into ordering thinks from The Teaching Company.

As for other reading, studying etc, started reading some of the Church Fathers, thus far thus good, although I'm only on Clement. I intend to read through several of the fathers, among other books, subjects, and studies :)

Well it's a chat night so I suppose I should be chatting instead of blogging, bad me. Although I must say, Fridays are going through a conference attendant slump...I suppose the "good ol' days" couldn't last forever.

Hope ya'll are having a good week, and for those who are able, enjoy the long weekend. :)