Friday, April 25, 2008

Once more, posting five very dull things, which may be entertaining to myself-- as simple minds enjoy simple pleasures. I gotta make this quick, as I have a toothbrush protruding from my mouth. :)

1) Today went great. I found out my final biology and English grades and I was very happy with them, and I took my statistics 3 hour exam this morning. My first exam of the type, and it wasn't too bad. Not sure how I did, but I tried..with every last minute of the allotted time. :D They practically had to kick me out, haha. So yeah, God's mercies abound, and I am a very thankful recipient of them.

2) I only have one exam left, can anyone say "yahoo"?

3) I'm itching to sew up a storm and I just hope the itch will outlast the inability to scratch it. In other words, I hope I still want to sew when I have the time to do so. Yes, I shall, I shall!

4) Finally it feels like spring outside, and boy I hope it lasts because I'm going to risk planting some evening scented stocks tomorrow. I hope they live, cuz I really want to smell them.

5) My brain is short circuiting, but I only have one more, and I knew what it was going to be a second ago..hmm. Oh yes, I've had an odd addition to my vocabulary as of late. Instead of saying, oh boy, I've begun saying oodalolly, like an oodalolly, oodalolly day. I realize this isn't quite the proper use, but it's fun anyway. Okay, I'm going before I break out in songs about old staw hats.

Over and out,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Geneva, napping in style. Not sure if the story was too long, or perhaps she was attempting to create some any rate it was worth a picture and a laugh. On a side note we were happy that she hasn't taken up reading encyclopedias yet, as she may not have been able to breath with that on her head. :) This also reminded me of the by gone days when she slept like this.



1. My eyes are sore, thus I'm only doing a "five things" post, and as my self inflicted criteria is for five very dull things, this shouldn't be too hard...right Emma? :)
2. Well, 1 down, 4...3 more to go.
3. I'm so happy tomorrow---ok, I guess that is really is today now---is Saturday, and after that the Lord's day. Yes, I'm learning to love weekends/beginnings like never before.
4. I'm so tried of tests, but I realize these too have been good for me. Much like having to chop down an essay into a manageable size with all the main ideas and zero wasted words, a test puts your money where your mouth is..but not in your mouth, cuz that just wouldn't be healthy.
5. I wish I had more of a handle on one of my courses, it feels like I've somewhat lost the reins for it, if I ever had them, while barreling full speed down an embankment. But regardless, God has been really very merciful, and I'm still a float, although I won't receive my latest test back until sometime next week. Then it's on to the 3 hour finals. Ah yes, this too shall pass, and who doesn't like having the ability of telling others how they walked to school, uphill both way, in the winter, in their father's PJ's? Of course, that's not quite my case, because although I do walk to school..I only wish it was appropriate to wear my fathers Pajamas. Pajamas..those sound nice right about now, and so does sleep.