Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some befores..some afters, guess.

PS. Sorry about the lack of quality, took some in the day, some at night and yeah, just wanted to take and be done. So I guess that means you just shouldn't frame them. :D
Welcome to my world. I assume you're either here for links or a new post, so I thought I'd try and provide both, as I do on occasion. Mostly so that I don't become labeled as defunct. :D

Hm, what have I been up to? Mostly spring type things. Painted the kitchen and hallway, raked the rocks from our front lawn (we get tons of them there, courtesy of the City of Prince George and it's gravel trucks and snow plows), planning for this the garden, spring cleaning, kids clothes sorting and the list goes on and on. Such a busy time of year, but being active can be, fulfilling? Something like that.

Belinda and I took the kids skiing today with a home school group, that was something. Belinda and Geneva stuck to tobogganing, while the kids and I strapped on skis and hit the slightly mushy hills. It was the first time for all three of us, so after some brief lesson, we were left to fend for ourselves. I must say, being able to help them while helping myself was quite the task, but by the end we were getting the hang of it..kind of. They weren't however very successful with the T bar, but hey, at least their necks aren't out of joint. :D After 2:00 the kids had had their fill, so I went up with the G's who were also there and Mike gave me many helpful pointers so that by the time I made it to the bottom (neck still in proper alinement)I was starting to gain better control. After that point we returned home with our nice sunburnt faces, although maybe I should say rosy faces, sounds less cancer causing and more positive. :D Forgot to give a thought to the sun, oops.

As for this next week I'm leaving on Thursday to house/doggy sit for my Aunt Debbie in GP. Should be a nice time, and plan to take a few things along with me to keep me busy. So after almost two weeks of that I shall return home to build another compost box, rototill the garden and anything else that requires my immediate attention.

Okidoki, I'll try to post a few pictures of the kitchen, in its new shade of pale yellow and all if its messy glory. :D

Have the blessed Lord's day. :)


Sunday, April 02, 2006


"Men deal with God as it is reported of Cnidius a great Architectist, who building a sumptuous Watch-Tower for the King of Egypt (a Tower to discover the rocks to Mariners) such was his craft, that he caused his own name to be engravened upon a stone in the wall, in great letters, and over that stone he caused it to be plastered with lime and mortar, and upon the outside wrote the name of the King of Egypt, as pretending that he should have all the honour. But here was his cunning: he knew that in time the water would consume (as it did) the plastering, and afterwards his own name and memory should appear and abide. Just so do most people deal with God and with his religion, and with the public. If we look without doors, we shall see nothing written but pro bono publico, &c. All their discourse is for the better promoting of Godliness: but if we could look within, we should see written, Pro bono privato, &c. All their designs are for to promote themselves. They monopolize and engross all to themselves, as if made for themselves. Where this sinful self-love dwells, there dwells no love to God, no love to thy brother, no love to Church nor State. This sinful self-love is the Caterpillar that destroyeth Church and Common-wealth. It is from this sinful self-love that the public affairs drive on so heavily, and that Church-government is not settled, and that our Covenant is so much neglected. Of this sin I cannot now speak: but when God shall offer opportunity, I shall endeavour to uncase it before you. In the meantime, the Lord give you grace to hate it as hell itself."

"And as for Jesus Christ, who is the Angel of the covenant: are there not some amongst us that un-god Jesus Christ? and is it not fit and equal that God should un-church us, and un-people us? Are there not thousands that have sworn to be Christ’s servants, and yet are in their lives the Vassals of sin and Satan? And shall not God be avenged of such a nation as this? These things considered, it is no wonder our miseries are so great, but the wonder is, that they are no greater."