Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanks Tam, I fixed the link. :)

No-fault forgiveness is fatal . Interesting article.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey ya'll,

Here for a bit of a "real" post. The problem with being here is that once I'm here I can't remember what I was going to say. Yes, you're right, I complain about this far too much so I will just endeavor to do my best at being newsy. :D

As you can tell by some of the pics below, I finally finished piecing and basting my quilt and have finally moved onto quilting it. It's a nice change, as cutting has always been my least favorite part of the process.

I took my GED on Saturday. I believe I failed (haha, keep reading as these 4 words can be misleading when taken out of context) to mention that I've been studying for it for the last while. I think it went pretty well, although I won't know if I actually obtained my GED for 3 or 4 weeks. I guess that's because they not only get all of the test batteries from Victoria, but they also send them back there for marking. It was a very long test as I took it all in one day. They normally schedule it over two days, but for some reason they choose to make you take all 7 and 1/2 hours of tests in a day, with another 30 minutes tacked on for a lunch break. Although in retrospect, it was better to just get it over with.

So what's next? I'm not entirely sure, and it something I'm going to need to put a lot of thought into. I planning on doing more sewing, and see if a net based clothing and other thing business with Tam is flyable, as it's something I would enjoy.

Other than that, we've been enjoying lovely fall type weather for the last week. I'm not saying that I totally hate snow or something, but I know that when it comes I'll have more than my share of it. I had better enjoy the brown grass and mildly crisp air while I can. :)

Belinda has started teaching the kids Latin, which is neat. It's been rubbing off enough that I've picked up a bit of vocabulary. I find it interesting how Latin uses its pronouns. They have it so that the I, we, they etc. is actually comprehended by a sound in the actual word. I would give you an example, but I only know how to pronounce them, not type them. I hear them from a distance and don't look at the teacher manual, sorry. :D

Okay, well I'm off.

Geneva wearing the little slippers Dor made for her before Amos was born.

At the request of Dorry here are some pics of my work in progress. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary Mark and Belinda! 9

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hey everyone,

Please be in prayer for Cheryl as she had a minor heart attack on the Lord's day. Belinda and I went to visit Cheryl today. She seems to be doing well, although she (and James) will be remaining there for a few more days so that they can continue to monitor her and aside from the monitors they have her on various meds. There is some minor damage to her heart, but yeah, thankfully minor as it didn't go all the way through her heart. They're telling her to take it easy, rest lots, and stress little, which she will have to continue to do upon returning home (naps included). Her neighbor Theresa is presently taking up the home schooling with the younger G's for the next few days to save Cheryl from stressing about being behind in school, and Marc is still off due to the Telus strike. The actual attack was likely caused by stress as everything else was healthy i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol etc. She's also reading some books on how to manage her stress. So yeah, she was in good spirits, and we had a nice visit. :) As for the story of when it happened... She was feeling fine until after worship, then she felt like she had swallowed a handful of pills that went down wrong and got stuck (and she hadn't been swallowing anything at the time). They left for home and on that way she started to have chest pain, that was running out toward her arms and down the left arm. After arriving home Marc took her to the hospital right way, where they at first thought it might have been something else (can't remember the name for it), but after running some tests it was confirmed to be a heart attack. Sorry if the details are a little sketchy. So please be in prayer for her and her family, and thank God for His mercies. Thanks. :)

God bless.