Monday, September 25, 2006

"Plum puffs won't minister to a mind diseased in a world that's crumbled into pieces. "

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

Life carries on much as it has for the last few years of my life, one day replacing another, each day going faster than I thought it would until I'm at the point of anticipating the new year before it's even officially fall (I think it's the 23rd this year?).

Been trying to finish drawing out a pattern for Tam so I can get it in the mail, but alas the sleeves give me no end of trouble. Well actually it's been the whole pattern doing that, but I guess I should be happy that piece by piece I'm tackling it, even if it doesn't all fit together perfectly when I'm done. Hey, what's trial and error for, if not to error? :D So yeah, I've come up with a few more than a few ways I shouldn't do it. So we'll see if that narrowed it down enough for success. As Tam would say "It'll be fine".

Belinda's back with schooling, and the garden is done for. Yay, done for gardens are so easy to not water, not weed, and not harvest. So yeah, one less thing needing done, although I still need to go out there and put all the polls, and other gardening doodads in the shed as well as give the compost a good stir. Hm, while I'm at it I should fix our poor gate with its broken hinge. Then on with the leaf raking, soon to be followed by the rock raking come spring. Yeah, can't forget to tackle those odd cleaning jobs that I'm sure I've been putting off all summer.

I should take some new pictures of the kids sometime, keep forgetting we even have a camera and that as an aunt I should be doing my part to dialogue a bit of the life that's going on around me.

Geneva's been talking up a storm lately. She's still extremely into helping with anything and everything you're doing. Laundry has become a nice evening pastime for her and myself when Mark and B go out in the evening. She tries to help me pack the basket, passes me hangers, and passes me the laundry. She can tell me which clothes belong to whom and what pieces of clothing they are, but is still rough on the colors. I find her interest in helping us to be a mixed blessing, as it's great when she's asked to help, but not great when she starts crying because either Calvin or Baillie were asked to help, and she envious of the job, or when she's sweeping my dirt pile back across the swept floor (but hey, sweet of her to try). :D Calvin and Baillie are doing good, reading away and already getting into the grove that is school. Hmm, there was more I was going to say on that head, but I'm too tired to remember.

So yeah, always ups and downs, and hm, I think that's all I have to say at the moment.



Monday, September 11, 2006

A couple pictures of Luke from the
baby shower we had last week.

The back side of my quilt

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy birthday to Martin. :D

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yay, I finished my quilt a week..or two ago. So I'm finally posting pictures for those who care to see the finished product that now resides on my bed..I love quilts. :D