Friday, November 28, 2003

Ah yes, Friday again. I love Fridays, third favorite day of the week. :)

As of last Friday I took a career aptitude test in a book called "Discover What You're Best At" There are six tests: Business (58 q's), Clerical (78 q's), Logic (54 q's), Mechanical (43 q's), Numerical (47 q's) and Social (55 q's). They give you a time limit, in which time you finish as many questions as possible, you then rank how well you did in each one. The tests you score higher on are those things you're best at. You then take the first letters of up to three of the test you're best at, then look through their career clusters.

I ended up with the highest in Logic, the second was tied between Business and Mechanical. So since these were my highest I took the first letters, alphabetizing them like this: BLM, BL, BM and ML. So there are my career clusters. I then looked in the back of the book at the careers that are listed under these clusters. They organize the careers for each cluster under high School/Apprenticeship; two-year college/certificate program; four-year college; graduate school. After browsing these, I found that I where my interests are, there my ability are also. The only job that really caught my eye was Industrial design, which takes two years in college and doesn't seem to have a bad paycheck. In the very back of the book it give you a definition of each job, which helps. I recommend this to anyone who isn't sure what their gifts are, or if they're in doubt of those gifts, or if they can't think of suitable careers. Oh, I got it out of the library, so no money down. :)

And the far more important new of the week is as follows...TAM AND I FINISHED IT :D:D:D. If you don't know what I'm talking about, we don't talk much. But I'm willing to fill you in, since I'm feeling generous, it's a Friday after all. :) The quilt, yep all 200 and some odd squares, cut, sewn, quilted and edged (not to mention how much money with fabric and time). It is complete. Two pillow shams tomorrow (which were kinda an after thought) and that's the end of the story. Oh, and we can't forget to take pictures, after all it may be the hardest one we ever do..I hope, haha.

Well I'm gonna roll, places to be, laundry to fold, and a wide book of math to explore. :D


Listening to the sounds of Badly Drawn Boy

Quote: When you see what some girls marry, you realise how much they must hate to work for a living.
Helen Rowland

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Proverbs 19:27
Cease listening, my son, to discipline,
And you will stray from the words of knowledge. NASB

Proverbs 19:27
Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge. KJV

The NASB seems to undermine the passage about occasional hearing to me. As though to stop hearing any instruction, good or bad will cause you to stray.