Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yo, what's up my blog? Nothing, because I haven't been posting, oh soo sorry..although not really. Been pretty busy since I arrived home from Auntie Debbie's, although I admit I was pretty busy before that as well. I also admit that if you always let business get in the way of other things, the other things will never get done. Thus I'm here to blog, and I don't intend on being busy again until I'm done. :)

How did everything go? It went swimmingly. Tam came to PG, and we got to visit everyone, and we were also able to hear Calvin and Baillie recite at the Speech Festival. While listening/watching them and their competitors we multi-tasked. Nothing like quilting while relaxing to the sounds of poetry. :) The rest of the time was spent talk, laughing, and all the wonderful things that are so nice about having family around.

On Friday we packed everything up that we could possibly fit into our bags (I even brought my two sewing machines) and boarded the bus for Dawson. Upon arriving in Dawson we were picked up by my Uncle Tim, and taken to Grandma's for a very enjoyable pancake breakfast (as only Grandma can make ;) ) After visiting with Tim and Grandma, Tim's boys, Troy, Jordan, and Jeffrey were dropped off. Then Grandma took the boys, Tam, and myself to pick up Tommy who was going to spell Grandma for awhile with watching the boys. Then it was over to Sundae's to see her new baby girl Abigail.

Thus far it seems my trips to Auntie Debbie's are continually marked with occurrences that make them memorable. Last time it was some lady running into Clint's car with her truck, just before they were to pick me up at the station, and this time it was one of the boys locking Grandma's keys in her car. After a few attempts by various individuals armed with hangers, Debbie, and Deanna (my cousin Brett's fiancee, they came by to visit us at Sundae's) managed pull on the door, which although locked, was ajar. Brett then inserted the hanger through the crack, and click! Thankfully Grandma had already received a lift home from a friend of Sundae's, because not only did the ajar door aid in the success of unlocking the door, it also aided in the killing of the battery.

So from there we traded over to Debbie's Truck, and then it was off to Grand Prairie..which is where I will leave this as a "To be Continued" post, for it is now too late for both business, and recreation, unless that recreation is sleep.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Yesterday welcomed into the world my new little niece Natalie Elise Dohms
Eight pounds one ounce
Born at 12:22 AM

And boy is she a doll. :)

More photos here