Saturday, December 27, 2003

Hm, that hyper link didn't work so here we go once more "On Communicating"
Ah yes, another wildly wasteful day for myself. Today I did another very stupid thing. I got up this morning and remembered that I had a couple of videos to return before 10 am, so I walked to Mark's work to get the car and drove off to drop the videos off. After dropping them off I thought I'd stop by the library to pick up some books, CDs and such. The library however doesn't open till 10:00 on Saturdays and it was only 9:45, but I still had a book by Dickens in the car, so I thought I might as well read that while waiting. It takes 10 minutes to drive back to Mark's to drop the car off anyhow and I wasn't going to be near the library again any time soon. So 10 came around and I locked my doors and grabbed my glasses and got out and went in. I was only in there for about 30 to 45 minutes, had found what I wanted and thought I'd better be on my way. But what's this?? why aren't my car keys on the key ring attached to my purse? I knew right away I had done a stupid thing. I glanced into the driver side window and there they were. I've only done this once before and once should have been enough.haha I had put the keys back in the ignition when I got back in to wait, but never turned the car on since I was planning on reading.. so I guess forgot to pull them back out again before exiting. So after this I went back into the library and called Belinda to let her know why I was going to take forever. Thankfully Belinda has a set of keys, so I walked home which took about 35 minutes and ate a late breakfast at 11:45 or so, eh heh. Got her keys, my little radio (lent my CD player to Tams) and some negatives to get reprints of and walked back. I stopped by Overwaitea i.e.. Save On Foods and dropped the negatives off and bought a couple things. I then dropped the car off at Marks work and came home. So about an hour and a half of walking plus time here and there, but I had wanted to go for a walk anyways so no complaints there. I can't say I got much done though, but it's Saturday right?

Oh, I was also going to recommend a book on tape called On Communicating by Mark H. McCormack. Tam and I listened to it while quilting, quite entertaining and some pretty good tips too.

Well anyhow, I'm really happy December is almost over and that it's almost 2004, aren't we supposed to be driving flying cars or something?

Off to do something semi useful, or not. :D


Thursday, December 18, 2003


Just signing in for a second to let you know I finally got a few of my pics from my trip to GA in the mail. There aren't many up and since I wasn't able to take a cam with me most of these were taken by Dee Dee. Anyhow, here's the link PHOTOS

Well I better get off of here, Tam and I are off to watch the Return of the King tonight, so I best be set for that.



Saturday, December 13, 2003

Ah yes, another loverly Saturday. I started off my day by sleeping in, followed by taking some pictures to finish off the roll of film with the quilt on it. As soon as Tam got back from her hair cut and lunch with a co-worker then Belinda, Tam, the kids and I headed for the bank and off to Costco to obtain a few things. From there we went clothes shopping, which turned out successful. Tam and I dropped B and the kids off and went to Visions, since we heard they were having a CD sale. We managed to pick up a couple CDs for only $4.88 each compared to $21, so needless to say we were pleased. We then went to Tim Hortons to drop the car off for Mark, who has been working longer days due to some changes in the stores. We got some coffee to drink on the way home and some grounds for the Lord's day, then off to the mall to buy a few more things. So now I'm home, just had supper and I'm feeling quite happy.

I really can't wait till this season of madness is over. I don't think I've ever seen so many stupid people in cars and on foot in my life. You're driving and people just walk right out in front of you, in herds with no cross walk. I even had that happen on one of the main roads. While waiting for Belinda who was in her bank I had some lady standing right in my driving lane, her back towards me, just standing there. As soon as she saw me she moved, but it really seemed like bagging to be run over. It was really snowing out so a lot of drivers were only going 30 or so on 50 roads. Several people took the right of way when it wasn't theirs or went through stop signs without enough space for them, forcing everyone else to slow down or stop. But we we didn't crash into anyone, so I guess that's something to be thankful for.

One other pain, aren't x-mass decorations enough?? Do they really have to play the music as well? The whole time we were shopping they had the carols on and the really sad part is that we know a lot of the lyric (not like they're hard to learn) so they become wedged in your brain and are only dismantled with the replacement of a good song.

Well I should go throw a load of laundry in the wash before the day's over.

A great Lord's day to you all.


Thursday, December 11, 2003

Anyone in need of a big green fridge magnet with an "N" on it? Yep, I don't need it anymore, yahoo! My test went pretty smoothly this morning. Not too much traffic, it was overcast, the roads were pretty clear, and I had a new instructor. So yeah, I had a couple corrections, one on stopping too far back from some stop signs and taking some of my lefts too sharply, but nothing serious. My photo license should be here in 10 days or so. It's always fun having the ugliest picture on there for 5 years, but it's not like we show them to anyone. :D So I thought I'd drop in to tell you as how it went and now I'm off to go about my business.

Hope your day is going swimmingly.

Jode, Bonified Driver

Friday, December 05, 2003

Ever get that feeling like there's more to it then meets the eye. Well I had that feeling today, when I went for my road test in order to get my final license. I didn't get to the point of passing or failing thanks to my insurance or lack there of, eh heh. Yep, I was in the driver seat all ready to go, she was walking around the vehicle checking to be sure that everything works. She took a look at my plate, and low-and-behold it expired yesterday, oops. So then of course I couldn't take the test, nor could I drive home. I did however get my money back, the one bright spot in my day, haha. So I called Belinda, who called Mark and Tammy, I called Tam (she works at the same joint that insures us) and she had just talked to Belinda. She found out that Mark was going to get a ride to pick up the new insurance and the sticker for the plate, then get a ride to ICBC to get me and the car. Thankfully I had brought A Child's History of England by Dickens, so at least I had something to read while waiting. Now that really bazaar part, we don't normally put the parking break on when we park, but I do when I take road tests, well Mark who was going to drive me home, never took the break off and he never noticed either. We drove to his work, I dropped him off and drove home, and of course notice the break was still on, but I called the Toyota place in town, and it shouldn't be hard or pricey to fix. The road test people were very nice about it, and since they cancelled on me the first time, when I would have been insured they fit me into Thursday of next week and 8:45. I just really wish it was over, cuz I'm getting tired of this run around and besides who needs to drive anyway? haha.

Well I'm off to try to get something profitable done, might as well make today count for something, although I realize this may have been a very good thing. Mark has been really busy with some changes that they are making at his work, so he may not have remembered till next week, in which time if we had an accident we wouldn't have been covered, or if we had been pulled over we would have had a ticket. So all it really cost was a tad of disappointment, a parking break and a bit of everyone's time. :)

Jode, Novice for life