Friday, September 26, 2003

Well it's been awhile, so time for another blog.

Lets see, yesterday I moved a few things around in the living room and cleaned and we had Willena and Raewyn Flewelling over for dinner then we (Belinda, Willena Raewyn and I) went to a free health seminar at the Coast Hotel with Cheryl. The seminar was pretty interesting, mostly talking about causes of Cancer and Osteoporosis and things we can to to treat/prevent them, how much some of our food is contaminated (wee fun), as well as naming a bunch of dieting myths and that sort of thing. Here is a site about pesticides in our food and here is another one that has to do with environmental studies . So all in all a pretty good day.

Today Belinda and I watched the Grounds girls while Teresa was at a dentist appointment. After she got back we went with her up to UNBC drove around the University and went on some hiking trails, which were really beautiful, it being sunny outside. So I think we walked (the kids ran most of the time) for a little over an hour and around 2 1/2 km, it would have been nice to walk farther, but the kids had their fill, so we headed back, baby stroller n' all.

Well, the day isn't over and I know that there are some things that I should get busy with, just thought I'd drop in for a moment.


Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Duty before pleasure, right? I can never seem to make-up my mind whether blogging is the duty before pleasure, or the pleasure after duty, but I guess I'm here to blog in any case, so lets get the show on the road. Did I mention that I'm tossing around the idea of charging a toll to read or view my blog? After all, everyone needs something to live on. ;)

Started reading the Confessions if Augustine today, so far it's pretty good, he's given some pretty interesting examples in the first part, having to do with when he was an infant and young boy.

Not sure what I did between waking-up yesterday, dropping off Tam, rearranging furniture, cleaning Teresa's main floor, rearranging further, cleaning our house, laundry, picking up Tam, bible study, and sleeping but something caused me to wake-up today with a sore neck and a headache whenever I bend down. So aside from reading and chatting today, I having got much done, although Tam and I are planning on quilting, and Manda is supposed to call at 7 pm :D:D. Sorry, but this had to be a really fast post, so I can't go far into the boring details.

I think I've run out of things to say and I need to pick Tam up in 5 minutes, so chow ya'll and hope you had a more profitable than I. :)


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ok, I stayed up too late last night, and so I woke-up at almost 8 and ate breakfast, did a ton of laundry, math, went for a walk, helped fix supper, and all the boring things that go with day to day life.

I finally finished David Copperfield, I would tell you that it's a good book, but the fact that I've been reading it for the last four months would say otherwise. It's the type of book that you read a chapter and although it may have been a good chapter, you're happy enough to put it down and carry on with your work. As most of Dickens works are, it had too much detail; I don't care what every stranger on the road looked like, but I guess he wrote it in the times of no TV, so the book would be like a tv show, that would last you a season. It would have been better if it wasn't over 600 pages, and there were a few characters he dwelled far too much on, that I could have down without altogether. I find that I liked a few of his other books far better, although they have some slow parts as well. So there you have my book review.

And so, here I am folding laundry, getting hungrier by the minute, and the more I type, the less laundry folded. I'm off once more, to the great beyond ie. the kitchen.

Well, well. I hope to do more of a post tomorrow, but just so that I can lay some claim to being consistent, I'll put a short one on here.

On Monday, Tam and I started the quilt, we only got 20 blocks out of over 100 sewn and trimmed. We would have got more done, but seeing that we had to figure out where we wanted our colors, as well as how to cut and sew them together, it took alonger. We did that all day, then had coolers (they were really good) and kept sewing and cutting, till after 7:30. WE had family worship, and we went to bed.

Today I cleaned up, went grocery shopping, and we had bible study here, and will hopefully be having them here every Tuesday evening.

At the moment I'm sitting here, and I was chatting, but am now getting a leg cramp, so I think it's bed time.

Sorry so short, longer one next time? Probably not, oh well, stinks to be you (Or me, after all I'm the one with a pain in the leg, haha) :P