Saturday, December 29, 2007

1. I shouldn't really be taking the time to be on here
2. But I almost feel guilty for not blogging
3. Some level of satisfaction can be received from finishing long awaited projects
4. I hope to experience some of that satisfaction this evening when I wrap up the construction on a set of dresses that I've had cut out since hmm, October?
5. I'm so happy tomorrow is the Lord's Day, eternity will be bliss :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A few pictures of Lydia that I took today. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ok, so perhaps I'm ready to start back on the 5 things track. So here is goes.
1. Boy, I'm so tired that after I finish this, I'm going to attempt a nap
2. 3 am is waay too late to stay up even to accomplish important things, cleaning, finding baby shower games, flour-less cake recipes, and a cleaner bedroom
3. 7 am is way too early to get up after having gone to bed at 3 am
4. Half a cup of coffee is not enough to combat sleep deprivation
5. Chocolate, and half a cup of coffee is able to combat sleep deprivation
6. Baby showers are great, and I didn't mind that fact that it was small, the better for really visiting
7. Milly is taking me to the symphony orchestra tomorrow evening, she is so sweet :D
8. I really like the K's, nothing like a few more near to kindred spirits
9. Ohh soo tired
10. Gluten free cakes can rise up and taste like normal cakes. This is a good thing.
11. Can't believe it's Friday
12. Life is complex. Perhaps next time I'll have the brain power to tell you something you didn't already know. :)



Thursday, November 01, 2007

The latest photos of Lydia. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm an aunt again! Lydia Doris Carrico was born this morning a little after 9:30, weighing 7lbs 5oz. She actually beat the midwife to the punch, but thankfully everything went smoothly, and they were able to take care of everything else when they got here. Lydia seems to be quite the contented baby, and both she and Belinda are doing well. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've had this song stuck in my head for days, yes Shawn has succeeded in getting me hooked on Derek Webb. :D

Oh, and this one too

Okay, I won't swamp you with anymore right now.. :D

Saturday, October 06, 2007

1. Yay, my sewing machine is fixed. More good news is that it'll only cost an arm, so I can keep my leg.
2. I'm sick with a sinus cold. This usually happens right when I'm getting ready to leave..I should gather the statistics, and create a graph. No, I'm not serious, I have enough things to waste time on. :)
3. This is a wonderful recipe, and it even works with pineapple juice instead of orange. Can you guess what ingredient I realized I didn't have on hand?
4. Tomorrow we're going to evening worship at the RPCNA in Cambridge Massachusetts. That is to say Shawn and Tam will, and I will provided I'm feeling well enough.
5. The Walmart here now carries Cold-FX. Happy thought indeed.
Today was Shawn's 30th Birthday, so happy birthday Shawn! :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

The ad Tam and I put together for Get Born magazine, so I guess we'll see how that goes. Still need to subscribe, so that we can see how it turns out. That and I'm curious as to what else is published in it. :)

1. The Lord's day is great, but Monday for me usually requires a little recovery time to get back into things. I certainly don't mind being out of things for the day though, in fact it's something I look forward to. :D
2. Started rereading A Remedy For Wandering Thoughts by Richard Steele on the way to Massachusetts yesterday. Read it to Tam, who was the driver for the day as Shawn had woke feeling really ill. Such a great book, and I so appreciate his colorful writing, it helps to keep my mind from wandering while reading it. :D Perhaps I'll post a short quote or two at some point. :)
3 Listened to a lecture and a sermon last night from the Together for the Gospel pastor conference held last year. From what I've heard, and seen about it, I think it's a great thing that is working in the direction the church needs to go. The lecture and sermon I heard from it were so spot on. The one was preached by RC Sproul titled The Center of Christian Preaching: Justification by Faith, and the second was a lecture by Albert Mohler called Preaching with the Culture in View.
4. The Friday night Derek Webb concert was great, I really enjoyed listening to him play, as well as listening to his in between soapbox comments, which were often pretty funny. If you have center stage, and people are there because they want to listen to you, and want to know what you believe, why not eh? :D If you want more details I refer you to Shawn's blog. :)
5. Only 10 days left, wow. I better be able to make it out to Manda's one more time, and I need to get my sewing machine back from you know who. Then I'm off to Edmonton for a week (woohoo!) Get to see all Jord and Dor's latest renovations, and more importantly, Jord, Dor and the kidlets. :) Then I bus back home see all my..ah..homeys? Good thing the use of a word doesn't make you cool or I would soo be bordering on the dangerous line of coolness right now. :P So PG will be a little different with a dog around..but other than that I'm sure it'll be back to reality.

Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. Oh, there goes.......if you know what that's from, don't even worry about it. I don't listen to that loser. :P


Monday, September 24, 2007

1. Wow, how did it get to be 3 pm already?
2. There is so much to do, but multi tasking has its limits
3. Three people can generate a lot of dishes in a two day period
4. Websites require a lot of change
5. I think I need to wash laundry

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kathy H. is so nice. Last night when she and David came to give Tam and I a ride to Dancing on the Air she brought us a sewing machine to use until we get mine back. Looks like it should be able to handle the heavier fabrics so that's great. :D So yeah, we'll call Mr. Sewing Machine Man and let him know that if he cares to fix mine, in his own time, he's welcome to. So yes, everything is good.

Dancing on the Air was great. We listening to a duo violin performance by Spindel, now if only I could read Norwegian. I think it was the most beautiful violin music I've ever heard, which they played on Hardingfele violins, which are really beautiful as well.

After Spindel we heard a group called..ok, so I don't remember their name. It was kind of a Spanish guitar sound mixed with a jazz sound and the guy on the guitar was amazingly skilled. And then in between/here-and-there we heard lots of folk type music played by the Dancing on the Air group, that hosts the show. So yeah, a lot of fun.

Ok, gotta to go sew some hats. :D


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I will title this post "the sewing machine repair jerk" I don't think I've ever been yelled or ranted at like that before in my life, and had no idea that repairing sewing machines could be such an embittering job. Or maybe he's just naturally a jerk. So what happened? The Friday before last I called this guys to see if he would be able to fix my machine. He was rude when he answered and said I could bring my machine out, but I figured oh well I can meet a few rude people in life and live through it. So Tam and I drove out there to drop it off, and I mean "out there". If we had realized how far out he was we wouldn't have bothered, but by that time we were already over half way there. He hadn't mentioned on the phone that it would take him 2 weeks, but in his parting comment when we were getting back in the car he said to call him if we hadn't heard anything from him in two weeks, and we stressed that the sooner the better if he was able.

So today I called him to find out whether he'd had a chance to look at it, at least to know what the problem is and a general time frame for how soon it would be done. He responded by informing me that he "HAD" not even touched it, that he's a very busy man and that he might get to it by next week. I then attempted to ask him a couple more questions, but was kinda dumbfounded by his tone so I said, "Okay, thank-you, good bye" (yeah, thanks for nothing). So this would have been an "ok whatever" to me, but that he gave me no certain time frame, and I've been needing my machine in working order for the last several weeks. After thinking about it, I resolved to call him back, and be more firm (but polite) in simply asking him if he thought he would be able to look at it by Friday, and if not I would be willing to pick it up on Friday unfixed.

I proceeded to do this. I called him back, and said that I had talked to him a few minutes earlier, but after getting off the phone I had considered my schedule and that I needed my machine as soon as possible, etc etc. He flared up at me, and was yelling at me about how he had a ton of people before me, and that it had only been three days (try a week and 1/2), yada yada. And I responded that I was sorry, I hadn't realized how long his waiting list was, but that I needed my machine, so I would be able to pick it up on Friday. Then he started yelling louder, that if it was left with him there he would charge me the repair price if he even touched it, and that if I wanted my machine back I would have to come get it that very minute because he was going to take it out to the end of his driveway and leave it there. I tried to to explain how far away we were and that I wouldn't be able to, and he reiterated the same thing and hung up on me.

Yeah, I cried after. I don't know, I just don't take that kind of mistreatment very well at all..but I'll live through dealing with this jerk as well. We'll have to see if I can say the same for my machine, as it's raining out, and there's no way we could make the trip out tonight. Sigh..


Monday, September 10, 2007

1. Oh boy, I am tired
2. Had a great visit with Darren and Laura (thanks guys :D)
3. Vermont roads are twisted, or maybe that was only the one on the way home?
4. Darren can make one great lasagna (very cheesy) and Deeders has a great laugh
5. The Church is always an interesting topic, at least to me. :)
6. Tomorrow is bible study again, yaaay! :D
7. Ok, going to try a power nap right now
8. Tam and I are having a Scarlet Stitch fall sale, and it's not winter yet, woohoo! I just love being on track. The site has been fixed a little further, changed a little bit more than needed, and the advertising education continues.

Friday, August 31, 2007

1. Baking powder biscuits are where it's at..for hungry people and those who have a profound appreciation for flakiness.
2. Cold coffee at 11:00 pm mmmm
3. Filtered water, even better
4. Brown turtlenecks for kids are extinct, if they were ever in existence. Maybe I should become an archaeologist and dig some up. On the bright side, cute brown sweaters are still in style.
5. I love cooler weather

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Five things about our trip to New York City, a post for Dor.

1. The top Culinary Art School in the USA smells like cheeseburgers, good quality ones. This wafting smell is a form of torture, similar to Chinese Water torture, to those who have been looking forward to breakfast since 7:00
1. CMB stands for Campus Mail Box, it is not the initials for a dorm, do not try to use this to find culinary students (we were to meet Shawn's cousin there and go for breakfast). Don't try to seek help from other students to find the CMB dorm, because they'll be sure they've heard of it, but not know where it is. Can't expect much from students on their first day on campus
1. Breakfast at 11:00 tastes a lot better than breakfast at 7:00
2. I was greatly impressed by the amount of trash and filth around the subways and train tracks on the way in to NY City, ew
2. You can do a whole lot of walking, and feel like you're doing something, but then when people ask what you did in NY City, you don't think walking qualifies as a "yeah I had an awesome time walking in NY" "Did I see the Empire State building? Nope" "Did I see Central Park? Nope, but I did see a lot of traffic! :D" Yup, walking I guess isn't the same as seeing the sights, but for the most part it's my preferred pastime. I like to study the atmosphere in the different areas of the city more, Nintendo World.
3. The thoughts of what would happen if everyone on the street started to panic was entertaining. Broadway is a very busy street. :)
4. Madison Square Park is not close to Madison Square Gardens, oops
5. You can find a great gyro on nearly every corner, soo yummy. Hmm, now if only restrooms were so plentiful/easy to find.
5.Train Stations and Subways are confusing, I can understand how people can get on the wrong train, but thankfully we didn't have that experience.

Friday, August 17, 2007

1. Go-Karts are a ton of fun, provided you're driving one that actually has some power. Getting bits of tire rubber on your face and in your eyes isn't fun, but it was still worth it.
2. Rock wall climbing is hard on the toes, and other muscles you never knew you had
3. The intermediate level is fun..advanced is a lot harder than it looks, owwie :)
4. The after math of riding the Space Ball lasts a lot longer than the ride, just ask Clint
5. Why is five always the hardest to fill in? Perhaps I should rename it 1. and then it'll come easy..
1. I'm procrastinating on updating our inventory, so enough is enough, adieu

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Dorry! :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

1. House shopping can be fun "ooh pretty" "eww stinky"
2. Card games can be violent
3. Sugar and I lack of sleep makes everything funny (and is also the number one cause of typos, if you don't believe me check out the "I" where it should be "the")
4. I wish my sewing machine didn't break right before we left Albany, wah
5. I wish the AC was working right now, because it felt great when it was

Monday, July 30, 2007

1. HTML is still beyond me
2. I can never ("never" used in the loose sense) think of what I need to do next when I have the time to do it. :)
3. It is hard not to make noise when some one is sick, everything likes to make a racket and the moving of cutlery is similar to the sound of crashing cymbals (sorry Tammy)
4. Headaches can cause vomiting
5. Poor Tam

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heya, ho-ah, me -ah posta. :D

So I'm in Albany, and thus far having a great time visiting, cooking for people, meeting other Christians, hanging out with Manda, Tam, and Shawn, bible study etc. etc. :)

As for the work side of things we're getting there. So far we've organized all of the closets and cupboards which should aid in our ability to find what we're looking for. ;) We've started the search for ways to advertise Scarlet Stitch, and we have a bunch of hats that are primed and ready for sewing. Have a few site bugs I need to iron out, but so long as I have them in mind, I'll get them into motion (ie fixed, eh heh) . So yes, I agree that this is a very slovenly post, but a post never the less.

Here are my five things for the week:

1. Having the ability to fellowship with other believers is a gift of God.

2. The future is uncertain, but hopeful.

3. Swimming pools that don't allow the wearing of tank tops stink, but free admission over rules such qualms.

4. Humidity is a reality I have to face, whether I like being sticky or not.

5. I have the cutest family, if you don't believe me look at the latest pictures of all of my nephews and nieces. :D


Monday, July 02, 2007

Haven't been blogging much, too busy getting ready to go I guess. :) So tomorrow we're off to Jasper to meet up with Dor, Jord, and Co. I've managed to stuff everything in the van
which includes but is not limited to 1 watermelon, camp stove, bible box, stroller, box of food, and cooler; 2 citronella candles, 3 foamies, 4 citronella lamps, 5 bags (which includes my sewing machine) 6 sleeping bags, 7 camp chairs, and now we just have to squeeze in tomorrow morning, and we're off. Then it's to Edmonton, Red Deer, and Albany.

Well, time is up for the blogging while brushing my teeth. Yeah, I like to conserve...I conserve time, space, water, plastic bags, paper plates, interesting news, and interesting blog posts, but I don't want to conserve on sleep, nor do I want to start drooling, must go! :D



Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Okay, so I had to try it after Tam did it, right? Doesn't make a lot of sense, but I guess that's as much like a person's life as anything. :)

Opening Credits: On the Bound – Fiona Apple

Waking up: Girl Sailor – The Shins

Falling in Love: Salamandra – Sarah Harmer

Fight Song: Same Thing - Pete Yorn

Breaking Up: Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay

Formal/Prom: On the Bound - Fiona Apple

Life: A Moth is Not a Butterfly – Hawksley Workman

Mental Breakdown: So Say I – The Shins

Driving: Hundred – The Fray

Flash Back: Looking After You – The Fray

Getting Back Together: How Deep in the Valley – Sarah Harmer

Wedding: I Know – Fiona Apple

Birth of a Child: Trouble - Coldplay

Final Battle: Over My Head – The Fray

End Credits: How to Save a Life – The Fray

Part 2.

So where did I leave off.. I think we were on the way to Auntie Debbie’s. We got to visit with Debbie and co. till they had to leave Monday morning, after which the pet care-taking commenced, as well as the sewing. As it’s already been over two weeks, most of the weekly details are missing in my mind. I remember that I didn’t kill the fish, the hamster only escaped once, and Tam and I shaved the dogs (and when I say shaved, I mean shaved). :D We drank lots of coffee, sewed lots of things, did some cleaning, and visited with all of our relatives.

I will now expound, although somewhat briefly, on the relative part, as it was a highlight. On Friday Uncle Jamie and Auntie Val had Tam and I over for dinner, we had a lot of good conversation, and good food, we got to see all of their kids, but for Judah who was with his choir in Ontario, and I even obtained some artwork from a couple of them. :) They also had us over for breakfast and dinner on the Lord’s day. Brad was back (he’s been boarding with them) as well, and so we spent the day well, in more talking, music, and a pleasant time all around.

On our last weekend there we had Uncle Danny, Vera and co. stop in (when we heard they were coming we knew it was time to stop sewing and start packing), and while Danny and some of the boys went to the Forestry Show, Auntie Vera, Tam, the little girls and I went shopping, big surprise huh? I think it’s only because the guys aren’t willing to shop, so someone has gotta do it. Thankfully we live through it better than most men. This is something that should make guys happier, they shouldn’t criticize women who shop, but be thankful they have something to wear often because of it. Have to think about that one more to myself, how nice would it be if someone else always found what I wanted to wear, and what would look good on me, and I never had to go through the tiring, hot, and stressful process? :D So as I was saying, we went shopping, and had a nice time of it, as shopping and multitasking, in the form of visiting, worked very well together.

After coming back for lunch Tam and Vera went out, while I stayed to keep an eye on the kids, and to make dinner. After popping some lasagna in the oven, and prepping a few other things, the kids and I took a pleasant walk/race/hop-skip-and-a-jump to two of the neighboring parks. Got to enjoy the feeling of gravel, and sand in my shoes, but helping Pearl on the slides, and Blossom and Joel on the bars made it well worthwhile. After the allotted space of time passed we had to return (yeah, another race) home to save the food from the oven. Danny and Vera left to a dinner, and Uncle Steven, Auntie Lovella, Bethany, and a friend of hers joined us for ours. Then Danny, Vera, and some of their friendly neighbors from Fort Nelson came back to spend the rest of the evening in conversation, and cake eating (it was Auntie Vera’s b-day).

Then after going to bed later than was good for any of us, after doing some scheming for next years family reunion, at about 5 or 6 am the sleepy homeowners returned to reclaim their home, Poodle-Pointers, fish, and Pie. They were so sleepy on their drive that tale has it, that they all fell asleep on the road, and drove right through the ditch and out again, while hardly waking up during the performance. They didn’t however reclaim their beds, as we all got up, and stayed up, except for Uncle Danny, who wouldn’t wake for love or money until he was well rested. :) We looked at pictures of Mexico, and felt very sleepy. Tam and I finished packing. For this part you must picture bags packed twice over, containing twice what they should normally hold, with one girl sitting on them, while the other is closing them and it'll be about right. We commenced with more talking , drinking of more coffee, and were on our roads to our two different destinations.

So now it's off to bed, so the process of living can begin again, while continuing as it has. :)


PS Yeah, I'm tired now. :D

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yo, what's up my blog? Nothing, because I haven't been posting, oh soo sorry..although not really. Been pretty busy since I arrived home from Auntie Debbie's, although I admit I was pretty busy before that as well. I also admit that if you always let business get in the way of other things, the other things will never get done. Thus I'm here to blog, and I don't intend on being busy again until I'm done. :)

How did everything go? It went swimmingly. Tam came to PG, and we got to visit everyone, and we were also able to hear Calvin and Baillie recite at the Speech Festival. While listening/watching them and their competitors we multi-tasked. Nothing like quilting while relaxing to the sounds of poetry. :) The rest of the time was spent talk, laughing, and all the wonderful things that are so nice about having family around.

On Friday we packed everything up that we could possibly fit into our bags (I even brought my two sewing machines) and boarded the bus for Dawson. Upon arriving in Dawson we were picked up by my Uncle Tim, and taken to Grandma's for a very enjoyable pancake breakfast (as only Grandma can make ;) ) After visiting with Tim and Grandma, Tim's boys, Troy, Jordan, and Jeffrey were dropped off. Then Grandma took the boys, Tam, and myself to pick up Tommy who was going to spell Grandma for awhile with watching the boys. Then it was over to Sundae's to see her new baby girl Abigail.

Thus far it seems my trips to Auntie Debbie's are continually marked with occurrences that make them memorable. Last time it was some lady running into Clint's car with her truck, just before they were to pick me up at the station, and this time it was one of the boys locking Grandma's keys in her car. After a few attempts by various individuals armed with hangers, Debbie, and Deanna (my cousin Brett's fiancee, they came by to visit us at Sundae's) managed pull on the door, which although locked, was ajar. Brett then inserted the hanger through the crack, and click! Thankfully Grandma had already received a lift home from a friend of Sundae's, because not only did the ajar door aid in the success of unlocking the door, it also aided in the killing of the battery.

So from there we traded over to Debbie's Truck, and then it was off to Grand Prairie..which is where I will leave this as a "To be Continued" post, for it is now too late for both business, and recreation, unless that recreation is sleep.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Yesterday welcomed into the world my new little niece Natalie Elise Dohms
Eight pounds one ounce
Born at 12:22 AM

And boy is she a doll. :)

More photos here

Friday, April 06, 2007

Well, I guess it's that time again, although it shall be brief. :) What have I been busy with? Most things spring. Need to get the gears going for spring cleaning. Already did the yard, but the nooks, crannies, and windows leave much to be desired. After that I'll need to turn my mind to the garden. Wanting to try this out this year, so..we'll see how that goes. Tam is coming at the end of this month (yaay!) and after a few days in Edmonton she'll come for a visit here and then come with me to house/dogsit for Auntie Debbie for a couple weeks. We're going to use the opportunity to visit some of our relative, and in the rest of the time allotted we'll sew, sew, sew. So that should be splendid. :) Trying various new things with the sewing, I'm not sure where I'm going to direct my next efforts, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go.

Yeah, brief. :D


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here's a video of Geneva I forgot to post the other week, although as a matter of fact it's a couple months old.

This can't be that comfortable, yet we find her sleeping like that all the time, haha.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Just had to laugh. :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Hain endorses Hillary for president" Kinda funny, when I read the title of this article on Sermon Audio my mind's eye saw "Hain endorses Hitler for president" (I'm pretty sure too much computer use does something to a person :)). I Started to think to myself, "who is Hain, and what do his reminiscing have to do with the price of tea in China, or the presidency?", and "president for where, over who??" "Hitler would have been great as the president of the United States or somewhere, yeah just what America needs". At any rate, when none of this made sense I reread the title.."oohhh, Hillary, gottcha" but I guess she's just about as much what the US needs has Hitler would have been..

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
(Isa 3:12)

Been working on Tam and my Scarlet Stitch website this last week. Manda took pictures of our new boys stuff, so that called for an addition to the site which ended up being almost a complete overhaul on it, and every time I thought I was just about done there were more things to tweaked, change, or rearrange. But I think I can now..almost safely say I'm done. In other news I was having a lot of problems with Sitebuilder, or I thought it was Sitebuilder's fault. I would publish my site, everything would be looking right, and then I would come back and check, or republish and random texts would be missing. It could be a missing half a paragraph, a title, or clothing care instructions. It would garble some, and it seemed nothing was safe but the imagines and navigation bars. Following my first reaction, of thinking I must have deleted whatever by accident, the occasions multiplied until I knew it wasn't me unless I was losing my mind, and deleting things in my sleep. After replacing, and replacing, I figured I should call Yahoo before the problem was the cause of my mind loss, rather than caused by it. So I called them twice, the first suggestions fixed naughta, but the second time the lady suggested the cause may be my firewall, as it appeared to her to be rearranging the pages. I repaired, and republished with it we'll see. Next step, the sling page..but I'm going to put that off for later as I'd like to take a sanity break from the computer and do some sewing instead. When I need a sanity break from my sewing machine, I know what my next computer project will be.

Well, there's a little update, and now that I'm done lunch it's off to my space heater heated room (this basement is always freezing. :D ).


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2Co 1:3-4 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; (4) Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, what do you know? I thought I had posted all of the pictures I hijacked from Auntie Debbie (scanned, didn't really steal them), but low-and-behold I missed a bunch, oops. While I'm at it, a happy birthday to my cousin Clint who is..old, haha. How old you ask? Well, I admit, my memory isn't as good as it use to be, and it never was that good. I'm thinking he's 18..don't hurt me if I'm wrong. And if you feel insulted, just think, I half the time I can't even remember how old I am. :D

At any rate, have a good one,

My cousin Clint with his younger sisters Jess and Chail
Clint and his early attempted at hockey

Clint and myself (the fashion victim on the right)

Dor pulling Clint, Tam pushing him, and me tailing them.
Once again, Dor, Clint, and I.
Tam and Clint.
Dor and I tackling my cousin Ian, who apparently had something Dor wanted badly, although I'm not sure what it is.
Dor and I who loved to flip bikes upside down to spin the wheels, second best thing to ridding them, which we didn't master for a couple more years.

My dad, me, Manda, and my Uncle Tim, this was taken at the time of my Auntie Debbie's wedding. I remember not liking the fact one bit that she was getting married. I felt an injustice that some guy had the nerve of stealing my aunt from me. :)

Tammy in the orangy red skirt, with Manda standing on her left.

Clearly Doralynne, can see a lot of Amos in this picture imo. :)

My cousin Jason and my Uncle Tim.

My parents, Dor, and myself (and a minister, although I don't remember his name, or anything else about him)

Me and my pop, also taken at Auntie Debbie's wedding.

Me at Auntie Debbie's.
Tammy and her Schipperkes, and my aunt's cat.

My cousin Tiffany

My mom (although I think everyone could have guessed as much. :) )

Tammy and one of my mom's goats.


Dor and my nose. :)

A horse and myself, I don't remember its name.


My cousin Jessica and myself.



Me and my banana seat bike, my first bike in fact.

My grandpa on my mom's side.


My cousin Tyrell.

My cousin Millo.

Uncle Dave.

My cousin Dallas.

My cousin Zander.

Dor and myself, at the dreaded Mining Claim.