Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Ok, so no more car post for awhile, I promise. :D So whatever happened to the idea that no news is good news? Well sadly I have a little news this week, but it's sure to cause me pain. I'm scheduled to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled/cut out (shudders) on Monday...I'm blonde, so it's not like keeping the teeth would have helped anyways right? The problem is due to my wisdom teeth trying to hook my back molars on the way out, so better to take no risk and leave no teeth behind. Advil will probably be my best friend and I'll be subjected to soft, mushy, not so tasty foods. The Dentist I'm going to, offers a couple drugs, but I think I'll pass of the sedative one, and maybe go for the one that prevents some of the swelling. I'm sure it's all for the best, since a lot of people end up with the teeth only coming out part way, so over time they start to develop cavities etc. But for that life is pretty normal.

Tam and I will continue to do some further building seeking on Thursday, as well as look at a couple bed and breakfast places. We have a hoard of library books sitting on the dresser all about weddings, food, cakes, flowers and a few other thing, but I've hardly looked through any of them yet, maybe Thursday.

Been having some pretty weird dreams lately, but no fears I shan't share. It would be odd if dreams actually made sense, I wonder what we really have them for, whether for storing long term memories, or just to make us thankful that real life is so nice and orderly. You're friends don't turn into other people who you don't know, when you buy something you get to keep it, no one chases you, and you actually know what role you're playing in life, instead of trying to figure out who you are supposed to be in dreams. Now with dreams being so weird, why is waking up so hard to do?

Well I think I'm going to actually try to be in bed by 10 so I better be off.

Chow, and sweet dreams (are there such things? :D )


Monday, January 12, 2004

The third episode of The Return Of The Car (Battery Reloaded). Saturday morning I was thankfully able to get an appointment for that afternoon to have the car looked at. Mike Grounds came to boost the car so I could drive it to the shop. His van's battery just happened to be on the far side from the car's, so the booster cables wouldn't reach. So after a few tries with B at the steering wheel, Mike and I managed to push it a little farther out of the garage. Then I directed Mike till his van was about a centimeter from our car, and sometimes closer. ;) It worked, the cables reached, the car started, B drove it forward into the garage, we traded places and I was ready to go. But Mikes van got stuck in our sloped driveway, so he needed some help to get it out. I shut off the car before getting out, that's right, I shut it off and it wouldn't restart, oops. So after getting him unstuck we did it all over again. I was late for the appointment, but it didn't really matter since the shop was behind schedule anyways. I kicked around town for about 3 hours altogether and returned to the repair shop. They had just found out I needed a new battery, but they were out of the right type, so they'd have to get one brought in, which would only take half an hour. To kill the time I went to a health food store/gift shop and browsed around. Back at the shop I paid the bill and life has been pretty good ever since.

As usual I did my grocery shopping today, which went smooth enough although time consuming, but that also is normal.

We had a pretty good discussion on yahoo last night, about attending wedding receptions of nonreformed people. As well as what would happen in a reformed country when nonchristians want to marry.

I'm off to do, well on to do some web surfing, so chow.


Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ok, where was I, oh yes the car was started. Well that was all fine and good, we then drove to Costco. We both had a car key, so we left it running and went in. Then to Supper Store where I actually shut the car off for half a second or less and caught my error and turned it back on. For the next two days it actually started fine. Last night it sounded like it hesitated so that worried me a little, but I thought maybe it'd be fine. I guess this morning Mark went to take it to work and it wouldn't start. I was going to take Tam to work, but thankfully we found out in time for her to catch the bus. One of her co-works was nice enough to driver her home and will also be taking her to work in the morning. Thankfully for Mark, he only works a 10 minute walk from here, so he's able to get there without the car. Ultimately though, given everything I just said, I will be sure to recommend to you all, that you don't depend on your vehicles too much, cuz they're sure to let you down. Tomorrow I try to find a joint that will fix the car, hopefully before the Lord's day. It shouldn't take too long since I think it's just the battery, or the wiring there of.

As the usual Friday I'm up too late, not always due to need or even want, but alas the chatters have had a little on going thing about who can stay up later and I have a stubborn streak.

On to sanity! On to bed!


Friday, January 09, 2004

You can depend on a few things in this life, but I guaranty you that cars aren't one of them. Earlier this week Tam and I made this shocking discovery (as though it's a new one) when I went to pick her up from work as usual. I was in the parking lot waiting, so I decided I'd pick up my book and shut the car off. Tam was running a couple minutes late due to helping someone get some papers ready. So I sat there reading and after about 7 to 10 minutes of that I decided that car was getting cold, so I had better warm it up. Turning the keys in the ignition, my starter, instead of turning over made a weird clicking noise that I've never heard before. My lights were still working, so what's the big deal, why won't it start? After trying a couple more times to no avail I decided I better go in a tell Tam, before the building was locked and her co-workers gone. I got her just before she came out, we called Mark and he had no idea what is would be. We both thought it was starter or battery related so Tam and a few ppl came out to see what could be done. There was a phone guy there, so we opened the hood and he messed around with the battery cleaning the terminals etc. but still no go. I went to try one more time and the lights in the car died, so we decided to see if a boost would do the job. Much to our relief it started up. Car problems to be continued.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

New pictures from Tam's trip to Albany up in my yahoo photos. These one were taken by Manda's digital camera, meaning there are four rolls of Tam's film at Costco. I may scan the better pics from Tam's when we pick them up. I'm sorry about the lack of quality in the photos I have up right now, which is due to downsizing them from their original, beautifully huge selves. An easy link for ya --> Photos Make sure to be signed in with your nickname, since I have it set on friends. If you aren't able to view, please let me know and I'll gladdly add your nickname to the list. :)

Have a great evening, morning, noon and week. :D


Saturday, January 03, 2004

Well then, another Friday already come and soon to be gone. As I'm sure everyone already knows, Tam and Shawn were engaged as of the Friday before last being the 26th of December. I'll be sure to fill in a few details when I have more to share, such as the date of the wedding etc. Tam gets home tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be picking her up at the airport. I'll be sure to bring some sugar or something with me, since she may not be in the happiest of moods returning from Albany. What can I say..I've been through returning from Albany too and I think some sugar would have helped and 36 hours of sleep for starters.

This week in my spare time at night I listened to a couple of audio books while folding laundry or crocheting. One was the abridged version of The Idiot by Fyodor Mikhail Dostoyevsky who is obviously a Russian author. This was an odd book..which left a pretty pointless, melancholy feeling. It also has many long Russian names which are hard to keep track of due to the readers speed and distractions such as knots in my thread. :D The second audio book I listened to was Mary Stuart Queen of Scots by Alexandre Dumas who as far as I know is a Roman Catholic so he doesn't exactly present her in the light she deserved, but it was still an interesting listen. It's amazing how people can be so deceived..heading for death expecting eternity in heaven and ending up with something wholly different. Such a guilty, wretched woman, who no doubt thought that she was doing service to God and thinking that with enough prayers and giving to charity her sins would be covered. It brought to mind a few of the chapters I've read in Calvin's Institutes, where Calvin talks about RC's lumping Christ in with saints and how Christ death isn't enough to them, since they needed help from men. Even with the "intersession" of Mary they still believed they go to purgatory, despite the many confessions and prayers to saints that they made during their life time lumped those made by friends for them after death. Odd to think that Mary was diluted enough to even believe that she was dying a martyr's death and would be rewarded for it. Another proof that the road to Hell can be paved with good intentions as well as bad.

Yes, well my apologies to anyone who checks my blog without finding a new post. It's not like I can't post when I set my mind to it, but it's putting my mind in the set that's the hard part. :D So many times I've thought of posting about such and such a topic, but alas my zeal for the topic wears thin as I crawl closer to the computer..one step, two step, sit down, and Poof!! I no longer feel like writing or have run out of
time to do so.

Oh Cheryl, I finally got the David Copperfield videos out of the library, I really enjoyed them and you were 100% right about Agnes, she looking just like Raewyn. I'll have to find out what her name is before I return the video, because I can't seem to find her on the credits list on the computer. :D

Well then till next week, or next year.

Keep those blogs rolling, Cheryl isn't the only one checking. :D