Friday, September 25, 2009

Tiss fall so I deemed it safe to put up a new post. I guess I've dropped from once a month to quarterly installments, but I figured I should use it or lose it as the lame saying goes. What is new to my life since my last post? I guess the first major deviation from the "plan" was my remaining in Edmonton instead of returning to a year of books in Prince. I had many a debate over which course of action to take but the doors seemed to open and close to a satisfactory conclusion, resulting in peace of mind, garnished with a sprig of happiness. :)
I was able to keep my job, which has worked out really well thus far, as they were short staffed and I was soon to be short..jobbed? I am currently working to assist a group of maternity doctors, and I generally enjoy my work, albeit, Friday nights are always welcome. There is something to be said about resetting the clock every week. You get to start almost all over again, and you have a chance to adjust and jump back in.
I am now a bona-fide member of the congregation here in town. I don't know if I can find words that are able to express how very, very thankful I am, and how God has blessed me. His mercies last forever, and His ways are past finding out.
Next weekend I'm going to be taking a trip back to PG for a week in order to do some packing/visiting, after which I shall return to Edmonton with Mark and B for the fall conference where we shall enjoy hearing Dr. Murray speak on Leviticus.
And courtship? I'm staying aren't I? I think that would indicate how that is going in and of itself.
And if you somehow missed it, I am an Auntie again! Shawn and Tammy had their little boy last week. He was soon after dubbed Shawnie Fransisco Jr XII Anderson. Er...Simeon Grant Anderson. :D

Now it's off to bed, off to bed..