Friday, April 06, 2007

Well, I guess it's that time again, although it shall be brief. :) What have I been busy with? Most things spring. Need to get the gears going for spring cleaning. Already did the yard, but the nooks, crannies, and windows leave much to be desired. After that I'll need to turn my mind to the garden. Wanting to try this out this year, so..we'll see how that goes. Tam is coming at the end of this month (yaay!) and after a few days in Edmonton she'll come for a visit here and then come with me to house/dogsit for Auntie Debbie for a couple weeks. We're going to use the opportunity to visit some of our relative, and in the rest of the time allotted we'll sew, sew, sew. So that should be splendid. :) Trying various new things with the sewing, I'm not sure where I'm going to direct my next efforts, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go.

Yeah, brief. :D