Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Babal was intended according to Ellul, as an 'advance against God.' However, in every age, meaninglessness is the destiny of every builder of Babel; the more men separate themselves from God, the more they separate themselves from meaning. This, then, is the first and central meaning of tyranny: by its separation from God, every tyranny becomes also a separation from meaning. Humanism thus can never accomplish its purpose, because in the process of seeking its own will it destroys purpose. The closer man comes to building a Tower of Babel, the closer he draws to his own confusion and scattering. The successes of humanism only draw it closer to its bloody suicide. Thus, 'Babel will never be finished.'" Revolt Against Maturity ~ Rushdoony.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another lapse in blogging. Okay, I only have time for five things, although I have plenty more to say, but it'll just have to wait.

1) I officially finished Psych 101 last Thursday, and have received my final grade, although I have yet to know the exact mark on my last exam. I was really happy with the outcome (A+), God's mercies indeed do endure forever. :D

2) I'm now working on a whole bunch of around the house projects, and there isn't enough time or energy to complete everything I want to before September. But I'm taking it one day at a time, and about 3 or 4 projects at a time. Can't become bored if you're able to switch back and forth. I hope to be painting two bedrooms next week. I just wish I had all of my sisters here, nothing like many hands making light/quick work, and good company which makes time pass quickly. But, I shall persevere regardless.

3)The family reunion is coming up quickly! :D

4) We took a quick trip to Edmonton on the weekend, day after I got out of school. Had a great visit, and I have yet to catch up on my lacking sleep. I keep telling myself that sleeping more is a duty as I can't be worn out for the reunion you know, or school in the fall for that matter, but I'm afraid that as I have a little too much of Dad in me. I can tell myself I ought to sleep more, but alas time waits for no man.

5) Hm, all that talk of sleep makes me really, really want a nap, but I'm off to sand the bay window, it's past due for a refinishing. I love power tools. :D



PS I'll try to post various pictures sometime soon.