Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Hm, is there any point in telling you about Tuesday of last? The one in which I came back from Edmonton. Probably not, but seeing that Amy said she'd fill in the blank of the Lord's day and Monday, I will tell you about Tuesday, whether you like it or not. :D

On Tuesday the 22nd, I was to wake-up at 7am or so, but I guess Char must have hit the alarm for us...twice even :D. I awoke with half an hour to get everything together; including my scattered mind, that I must have left on the pillow (and hey I didn't even forget to pack my pillow!). Cheryl was to call around 8 am, saying that she was leaving the Flewellings. So I quickly packed everything up (don't think I forgot anything this time) and by the time I was done it was 8 am, but still no call. I ate breakfast, and sat around talking to Fran, Ang and Amy. At around 8:30 or 9 she called, we then sat for about another 15 minutes, seeing that she had a longer drive to the pick-up/drop-off point. After huging the Ang and Char; Fran, Amy and I headed for the van. Half an hour drive got us to the place, and ten minutes later Cheryl showed up. Boy was I tired, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I put my stuff in the car and Cheryl and Fran proceeded to talk for half an hour or more. Amy got in the car with me, haha. We all part ways, and I'm on the road again (not the show :P ). Cheryl and I were able to talk about a lot of things on the way: Eschatology, our weekends, the verious families/visitors, health, and a few of the church issues. So 0 sleep, but who needs sleep when you have conversation, right Amy? :) We made a few stops along the way for lunch, fuel, a nice lake, just a normal break and all that good stuff. I believe I got home around 7 pm, so we made pretty good time for how many stops we made.

Today, Tuesday the 29th, I watered the garden and picked Saskatoons with the Calvin and Baillie. One more week and it gets busy again, with Manda, little Joshua, Shawn and Dor's coming, yippy!! Oh boy, time to do the house cleaning again :D.

Well toodle pip and I hope you're all having a swingin' jolly good day.


Friday, July 25, 2003

I guess I never got back to posting about my trip on Wednesday and yesterday was kinda busy for that. I spent yesterday cleaning the house, since the fast is on my normal cleaning day. I also watered the lawn and single handedly removed the old carpet from Tam and my bedroom, since I found out the week before that there's a cream-ish, brown flecked, thin tile under the carpet. Getting the carpet out was slightly hard with having to move all of our stuff around i.e. bookshelves, wine rack etc. but it's done...now I just have to think about painting the one wall in there. The fun never ends. :D

On to Saturday. I think we started Saturday by waking-up rather later. :) We ate breakfast, and I can't remember much of what I did that morning, cept that at some point I went outside with Stacy and drew on the sidewalk, and got all of the girls playing hopscotch, which (believe it or not) can be a rather challenging game, haha. I think Martin came over at 1 or so and talked to Greg Barrow (the conversation consisting mostly of Eschatology and Mp3s), while we girls packed up for a night at Dor's and Amy made cupcakes :D. After consuming some second hand smoke on the back porch (Greg and Martin with cigars), Amy, Ang, Char and I stuffed all of our bags and bedding into Martins trunk and we left for Kris's taco party. When we got to Kris's we took our stuff down to Dor's, everyone showed up, we ate, played games and a bunch of ppl left at 10 or 11. In the end there was only, Murray, Kris, Dor, Martin, Amy, Ang, Char and I on the back porch
talking, in the house talking, and then us girls (- Kristy) in the basement talking. The End of Saturday

Well, I know there are a few things I must do today, so I shan't delay.


Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I'm thinkin' I ought to change my motto to "Here today, gone tomorrow". At the moment I'm here and will be until I leave to go grocery shopping with Belinda, so I might try to tell you a few of my trip details, if I can remember them.

Starting from where I left off. It was Friday the 18th of July, we (The Barrows, Tony and I) were getting ready to go to the Church picnic. Gathering balls, outdoor games and a few chairs, cooking food, brushing hair and finally after loading everything into the Barrow's van and Tony's rental car, we hit the road. I think it was only about half an hour drive to the Park we were supposed to meet at, so we got there in plenty of time, in fact we were the first to show. After driving around the park for quite a bit looking for a familiar vehicle (which we didn't see), we spotted a red and white tent which looked like the one Kris told us about. We then proceeded to unpack the food and games, set the food out in the tent and then sat back to wait for everyone else. Everyone showed up, set-up their stuff and we prayed and started to eat (there's details for ya). I will now try to remember who "everyone" was. The Dubitz, Doralynne, the Flewellings, Abigail, Martin, Cheryl with her two kids, the Dohms, the Wagners, Shelly Barrow and her kids, John S. and his girls, Tony and the Elossias. After our meal, Amy, Ang and I walked around, took some pictures, went on the swings, got my sandles full of sand....went back to the tent and started to pack the food up. I think for the most part, people stuck around the tent chatting. Around 8pm or so, a bunch of us went to play some beach Volley Ball. We had two teams one consisting of Murray, James, Tony, Israel, Martin and Samantha, maybe someone else too, can't seem to recall. The other team being, Jordan, Leah, Fran, Josh B, Me, Kris, John, one of his girls, Greg and Charity also took acouple ppl's places for the second and third round. There were 3 rounds, two of which the other team won, so the match was theirs. :P. Twas a lot of fun, although my toes were sore from the sand, and we were all nice and dirty from diving for the ball. After those games we just played around with the ball, Ang joined in, as well as a few others. Amy took pics and used the video camera almost the whole time, may the video never be seen. :D I think we all left the Park some time after 10pm, so Saturday ended with everyone going to bed really late, oh, cept for Tony who just stayed up till his leaving time.

I shall blog Saturday later for Belinda needs the comp at present. :)


On to Saturday

Friday, July 18, 2003

Here I am once more, writing to you from Edmonton, in front of one of the Barrow's computers. We had a nice, uneventful trip here yesterday, although I can't say I got much in the way of sleep, talk or music, but none the less it was smooth. We stayed up till 2 am last night even though we girls only had 3 hours of sleep the night before, what fun. :)

We had a nice (using that word too much) visit in PG. The first night Lara and Tam were kind enough to dye Amy and my hair, and I'd say it looks pretty natural, so that's a good thing. The BBQ went well even if we didn't have many ppl. Amy, Ang and I even got to do some shopping before hand, we got some books on sale and they were able to find some nice clothes and Ang also bought a snazzy pair of sunglasses.

The Grounds and Lara came over for a visit on Wednesday evening, muchos funnius, The Grounds left sometime before 7, but Lara sticked around to 11 pm or so and the rest of us girls gabbed till about 4 am, crashed and woke up early, hit the road, and as I said, here we are.

Well, we're having the picnic this evening and I shouldn't spend too much time on this thing, and I really don't have much more to say at any rate, so I'll check in later, but remember "later" is all relative. :D


Saturday, July 12, 2003

Well here I am once more to give the up-date...on old news :D.

Didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, so hopefully I can post this real nice and quit so that I can hit the hay.

Today I spent my time cleaning, bye! Well that was fast, wasn't it? I guess I could tell you what I cleaned, reading about it will give you a reason and the ability to fall asleep, so in the end I'm doing it for your own good. :)

I started my day rather early at 9:00 am (ok, so it wasn't that early) I made my bed..I eh hem stayed in my PJs all day, what else are Saturdays for? I them proceeded to clean the basement, which means sweeping, cleaning the laundry room, the bathroom, and sorting a bit of junk that seems to appear out of nowhere (sleeping yet? No? Ok I'll keep going). I then moved on to the stairs, working my way up. I dusted and washed the glass, windows and mirrors, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, bedrooms, vacuumed, Tam was kind enough to sweep the kitchen as well as mop it and mop downstairs, we kinda cleaned the yard and somewhere in the middle of all that I got online and sent Manda an e-card, for it is her birthday. Later in the evening we called her on the phone, talked for a little over an hour. We left a message on the answering machine for my parents, for it is also their anniversary. Belinda, Tam and I then figured out what we're eating this week and made a grocery list, and here I am now. The End

Well happy dreams,


Thursday, July 10, 2003

Argh Amy, I just added some links...and they worked in the preview, but I tried to save them and it didn't save, do you know what I did wrong? :D

Ok, I did say I'd blog, can't let these things beat you you know :P. I think the problem is that when you have time to post, you have nothing to say, and when you have a ton of things to say you are far to busy to say them..after all it takes a lot of time to give detail..not that I would know, eh heh :D.

Hm, where to start is yet another problem I come across. I'll start from when I was last in chat, the day being Friday the (leme check) 4th. It was a warm evening in the basement despite the thin carpet on the cold cement floor, the hour was waaay too late..haha sorry just trying to see if you are paying attention :D

On Saturday morning I woke-up, seeing I can't live my life in a dream (which is too bad if you ask me), Lara came by the house around 8:30, knowing Lara it was probably 8:30 on the dot. After grabbing my junk, she dropped me off at the house Tam was sitting for the week for a co-worker of her's. We then proceeded to watch cable on one of the ladies six TVs (3 of which are HUGE). Going off the point for a second, you know..the more I watch cable the more I relize how stupid it is, you spend over half the time switching channels and in the end only watched about 1/4 of a couple of shows, give me a computer any day :). Back to the point, we talked lots about my trip and such, she talked to Shawn..I watched more tv (bla), we went to bed at a wholesome time, after having eatten three meals of junk food.

We slept in pretty late on the Lord's day, got ready for church, Lara was feeling ill so Milly, bless her heart, gave us a ride to service, we went back to the house via Milly, read and talked and slept.

Monday, Lara dropped me off at Mark and B's, Tam and her went on their merry ways to work, I weeded half of the garden, laundry and the normal things that no one would think of listing on a blog. We had a thunder storm, lots of rain =ing 0 cable..the computer kind.
Tam thinking her self free from house sitting came home, only to find out that the lady wanted to stay out of town for another night. With 0 cable I thought..sure I'll come Tam, one problem, the car battery just happened to be dead..who do you call? Lara to the rescue! She charged that battery and gave Tam and I a ride over to the house. My mom and Aunty Debbie came to town visited Belinda then decided to come visit Tam and I as well as stay the night. We stayed up late, so we had around 5 1/2 hours of sleep, could have been worse.

Tuesday: Lara and Tam head to work after dropping me off again. Mom and Debbie come by and I go shopping with them. then we go to the Court House, my Aunt Vickie had a hearing with a judge, for she is no-longer with her husband (long story). Mark and Belinda also come to the Court House, but it ends up being a closed court room, so we sit outside the room for 2 hours. my Aunt comes out, I guess it went pretty well considering.
So, bye mom, bye debbie, bye Vickie. Home again, had b-day cake.

Wednesday: I called all of the ppl in our chruch about the BBQ we're having next Tuesday, made an appointment to cut my hair tomorrow, I finish weeding the garden, wash, dry, fold and put away Tam and my laundry, and then I cleaned our room and re-organize a bunch of it. I even had time for a couple of walks, one being with Tam to the Mall on a few errands, ah yes a good day. So here I am, it's almost Thrusday.

I'm sure there's a whole list of thing for me to do tomorrow, so I should get my sleep while I can.

I'm truly sorry about this wild post, and all the typos. I'm not going to bother re-reading it tonight, so have fun picking it to pieces :D. If you have any questions about something that doesn't make sense, feel free to comment and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Oh look at the time, I missed the 11:59 mark.

Well hope your week has been as borning as mine :D.


Friday, July 04, 2003

Well now,

I'm back from GA and on to longer and better blogs (yeah I know, I'm not fooling anyone). Anyhoe it's really late, or should I say early ..oh boy, almost 6 am GA time, my head is starting to spin, but hey I only have 30 emails left in my box..was it worth being this tired? No