Monday, September 24, 2007

1. Wow, how did it get to be 3 pm already?
2. There is so much to do, but multi tasking has its limits
3. Three people can generate a lot of dishes in a two day period
4. Websites require a lot of change
5. I think I need to wash laundry

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kathy H. is so nice. Last night when she and David came to give Tam and I a ride to Dancing on the Air she brought us a sewing machine to use until we get mine back. Looks like it should be able to handle the heavier fabrics so that's great. :D So yeah, we'll call Mr. Sewing Machine Man and let him know that if he cares to fix mine, in his own time, he's welcome to. So yes, everything is good.

Dancing on the Air was great. We listening to a duo violin performance by Spindel, now if only I could read Norwegian. I think it was the most beautiful violin music I've ever heard, which they played on Hardingfele violins, which are really beautiful as well.

After Spindel we heard a group called..ok, so I don't remember their name. It was kind of a Spanish guitar sound mixed with a jazz sound and the guy on the guitar was amazingly skilled. And then in between/here-and-there we heard lots of folk type music played by the Dancing on the Air group, that hosts the show. So yeah, a lot of fun.

Ok, gotta to go sew some hats. :D


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I will title this post "the sewing machine repair jerk" I don't think I've ever been yelled or ranted at like that before in my life, and had no idea that repairing sewing machines could be such an embittering job. Or maybe he's just naturally a jerk. So what happened? The Friday before last I called this guys to see if he would be able to fix my machine. He was rude when he answered and said I could bring my machine out, but I figured oh well I can meet a few rude people in life and live through it. So Tam and I drove out there to drop it off, and I mean "out there". If we had realized how far out he was we wouldn't have bothered, but by that time we were already over half way there. He hadn't mentioned on the phone that it would take him 2 weeks, but in his parting comment when we were getting back in the car he said to call him if we hadn't heard anything from him in two weeks, and we stressed that the sooner the better if he was able.

So today I called him to find out whether he'd had a chance to look at it, at least to know what the problem is and a general time frame for how soon it would be done. He responded by informing me that he "HAD" not even touched it, that he's a very busy man and that he might get to it by next week. I then attempted to ask him a couple more questions, but was kinda dumbfounded by his tone so I said, "Okay, thank-you, good bye" (yeah, thanks for nothing). So this would have been an "ok whatever" to me, but that he gave me no certain time frame, and I've been needing my machine in working order for the last several weeks. After thinking about it, I resolved to call him back, and be more firm (but polite) in simply asking him if he thought he would be able to look at it by Friday, and if not I would be willing to pick it up on Friday unfixed.

I proceeded to do this. I called him back, and said that I had talked to him a few minutes earlier, but after getting off the phone I had considered my schedule and that I needed my machine as soon as possible, etc etc. He flared up at me, and was yelling at me about how he had a ton of people before me, and that it had only been three days (try a week and 1/2), yada yada. And I responded that I was sorry, I hadn't realized how long his waiting list was, but that I needed my machine, so I would be able to pick it up on Friday. Then he started yelling louder, that if it was left with him there he would charge me the repair price if he even touched it, and that if I wanted my machine back I would have to come get it that very minute because he was going to take it out to the end of his driveway and leave it there. I tried to to explain how far away we were and that I wouldn't be able to, and he reiterated the same thing and hung up on me.

Yeah, I cried after. I don't know, I just don't take that kind of mistreatment very well at all..but I'll live through dealing with this jerk as well. We'll have to see if I can say the same for my machine, as it's raining out, and there's no way we could make the trip out tonight. Sigh..


Monday, September 10, 2007

1. Oh boy, I am tired
2. Had a great visit with Darren and Laura (thanks guys :D)
3. Vermont roads are twisted, or maybe that was only the one on the way home?
4. Darren can make one great lasagna (very cheesy) and Deeders has a great laugh
5. The Church is always an interesting topic, at least to me. :)
6. Tomorrow is bible study again, yaaay! :D
7. Ok, going to try a power nap right now
8. Tam and I are having a Scarlet Stitch fall sale, and it's not winter yet, woohoo! I just love being on track. The site has been fixed a little further, changed a little bit more than needed, and the advertising education continues.