Monday, January 18, 2010

Life has been rolling smoothly along. I know, for those of you who are not on my facebook account, you likely thought I was dead. As for the rest of you, you would know that I am engaged to Mitchell, and thus my long absence would only seem natural. I decided from the get go not to have a wedding blog, as blogging about every detail would probably take just as long as it took to choose every detail. These days just getting my laundry done is a challenge. We choose how to spend our time, and for the most part I think I've chosen wisely...hmm, more time with Mitchell, or a blog post..that's a hard one. :P

God is good every day, I do not think I can feel it more than I have lately. He has provided for me in every way I have needed, and pretty much have ever wanted. I suppose the only thing lacking is an even deeper gratitude of all of His mercies upon me. So yes, I have a wonderful fiance who I love deeply, wonderful future parent-in-laws, a wonderful church family that would be closer to me than my own, if my own family members were not members of the same bride of Christ. Even all of the small details have and are coming together..we've set the date for May 22, we've procured dresses at a great price, suits, a building, invitations, and flowers, food and photography are in the works.

God is amazing.