Friday, August 31, 2007

1. Baking powder biscuits are where it's at..for hungry people and those who have a profound appreciation for flakiness.
2. Cold coffee at 11:00 pm mmmm
3. Filtered water, even better
4. Brown turtlenecks for kids are extinct, if they were ever in existence. Maybe I should become an archaeologist and dig some up. On the bright side, cute brown sweaters are still in style.
5. I love cooler weather

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Five things about our trip to New York City, a post for Dor.

1. The top Culinary Art School in the USA smells like cheeseburgers, good quality ones. This wafting smell is a form of torture, similar to Chinese Water torture, to those who have been looking forward to breakfast since 7:00
1. CMB stands for Campus Mail Box, it is not the initials for a dorm, do not try to use this to find culinary students (we were to meet Shawn's cousin there and go for breakfast). Don't try to seek help from other students to find the CMB dorm, because they'll be sure they've heard of it, but not know where it is. Can't expect much from students on their first day on campus
1. Breakfast at 11:00 tastes a lot better than breakfast at 7:00
2. I was greatly impressed by the amount of trash and filth around the subways and train tracks on the way in to NY City, ew
2. You can do a whole lot of walking, and feel like you're doing something, but then when people ask what you did in NY City, you don't think walking qualifies as a "yeah I had an awesome time walking in NY" "Did I see the Empire State building? Nope" "Did I see Central Park? Nope, but I did see a lot of traffic! :D" Yup, walking I guess isn't the same as seeing the sights, but for the most part it's my preferred pastime. I like to study the atmosphere in the different areas of the city more, Nintendo World.
3. The thoughts of what would happen if everyone on the street started to panic was entertaining. Broadway is a very busy street. :)
4. Madison Square Park is not close to Madison Square Gardens, oops
5. You can find a great gyro on nearly every corner, soo yummy. Hmm, now if only restrooms were so plentiful/easy to find.
5.Train Stations and Subways are confusing, I can understand how people can get on the wrong train, but thankfully we didn't have that experience.

Friday, August 17, 2007

1. Go-Karts are a ton of fun, provided you're driving one that actually has some power. Getting bits of tire rubber on your face and in your eyes isn't fun, but it was still worth it.
2. Rock wall climbing is hard on the toes, and other muscles you never knew you had
3. The intermediate level is fun..advanced is a lot harder than it looks, owwie :)
4. The after math of riding the Space Ball lasts a lot longer than the ride, just ask Clint
5. Why is five always the hardest to fill in? Perhaps I should rename it 1. and then it'll come easy..
1. I'm procrastinating on updating our inventory, so enough is enough, adieu

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Dorry! :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

1. House shopping can be fun "ooh pretty" "eww stinky"
2. Card games can be violent
3. Sugar and I lack of sleep makes everything funny (and is also the number one cause of typos, if you don't believe me check out the "I" where it should be "the")
4. I wish my sewing machine didn't break right before we left Albany, wah
5. I wish the AC was working right now, because it felt great when it was