Friday, May 15, 2009

The trip to Idaho was by no means a short one, but it was nice to be able to take a road we've never traveled. We did have some minor hang ups in Calgary, as we missed our turn, but we completely blame it on inadequate road signs...which in my experience is a common problem. But yes, that takes care of all of the self-inadequacy issues that would otherwise croup up. :D Yes, I can read a I cannot read what is not written there. I find it kinda of funny how the driver is typically the one with the best idea of where they are (cuz hey, they are the one paying attention!) yet they are also the least able to look at the map when needed. Thus the one who was not paying such keen attention is brought back to reality to see if they can locate some kinda of make due turn to get them back to good... when in truth they are not entirely sure where they even are. A somewhat daunting task. :) I consoled myself with the fact that we were able to experience more of the city instead of letting the opportunity pass us by. From Calgary it was smooth sailing. We went through mountains, and mountains, and more mountains, and saw wildlife, and wildlife, and more wildlife, and made it all the way to Cranbrook in one day. That actually isn't saying much considering that google maps said that we should have been there hours ago.

But what we the kids doing all of this time? Well, one of my sides got a nice work out, as I reached back to appease Nattie with pretty much whatever I could get my hands on that would interest her. Amos was pretty satisfied with his books and trucks for most of the distance, and really only required reaching help. Levi periodically took naps, cried, was fed, played with, and changed in the ridged, systematic fashion that most destination travelers try to take. By a destination traveler I mean those who travel for the end, not for the sake of the journey. On a couple occasions we tried to momentarily divert/exhaust the kids by letting them out to run around. But 2 minutes outside in the gusty mountain air was about as much as this wimp could take. We also tried to do this for meals, but those or us with long hair tended to spend the meal eating hair with our food.

The next day we made it to the US of A, and had to adjust to speaking of states instead of provinces, and driving in MPH instead of KPH, and spending green cash instead of, well you know, colored money.

Driving through ID was quite pleasant, and I for one was glad to get out of the chilly mountains. Beautiful farm land. We were surprised when we looked down from the road on the giant bluffs to Lewiston below, no one had informed us of it's beauty, with it's huge lumpy hills and winding rivers. Nor did anyone inform us of how big it was, or how many dead-ends and one-ways it has..this would have been useful information. :D Needless to say, we had a very inferior map, and neither Dor or I knew where our turn was this time. We ended up in a graveyard. Who knew gas stations were so hard to find, if they had even carried local maps. We put our brains together, which didn't amount to much. Hey, I would like to see you try, whoever you are that would laugh at our plight. We were lost with three children who equated slow speeds and lostness with crying and screaming. It was like being on reality TV...fear factor. We obviously found our way out or I would not be writing this account, I would be trying to figure out how to create a fire using a granite headstone and a stick.

To be continued again

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