Thursday, May 21, 2009

The trip out to the camp we were staying at was almost as much of a challenge as finding it. Lets just say that after two days of driving, somewhere around 15 hours in total, both Levi and Natie had had their fill. Their cups were overflowing.....with tears. And no tears in their state could come free from whines. They howled, and as Dor tried to stay focused upon staying on the twisted string of a road, I tried to con Natie into at least a temporary silence so that we could both focus on not missing our turn. I was unsuccessful, but we thankfully didn't miss our turn, and were flagged down by Calvin, who was waiting for us at the end of the drive. I could have kissed the ground when I got out, but the smidge of better sense that I possess restrained me.

Now to the more condensed account.

Manda and her kids were able to come out that afternoon/evening (Josh was also able to join us more towards the evening), and even provided us with food. :D All of the cousins were drawn automatically to the course gravel drive and busied themselves with making roads, piles, and just playing with the dirt in general. This was the boy's number one occupation the entire stay, followed by their natural propensity to wrestle, ie dog pile each other. The girls alternately busied themselves between war and peace. Most of them (Natie, Addie, Lydia, and Geneva and Emmie somewhat) are at a territorial age when it comes to dolls, and doll equipment. The camp owner also keeps two horses, so the girls picked handfuls of grass to feed them. The next day I presented the kids with bubbles and a number of blowers. That kept some of them busy all day.

The last day of M and B's stay we all went into town and spent the afternoon bowling. The kids loved it, and what adult can complain when they're playing in a bumper lane. Manda took hoards of pictures, so hopefully some of those turned out.
Then we went to a very pretty park were we ate an early dinner and the kids played on the sets, and where Calvin fell in the river. He was retrieved, all was well. :)

Tam, Dor, her kids, and I returned to the camp for one more evening. Manda came out again and after lunch we all headed to the local dollar store to pick up traveling amusements for Nat and Amos. Then we were off to Spokane, where Tam was to fly out from on Tuesday.

After Tuesday, and Tam's departure, Dor and I were headed back to Edmonton. We again took the trip in two days. For the most part it was uneventful, as we didn't lose our way anywhere, but a portion of narrow road was not the most friendly with its blowing snow. We made it back to Edmonton late in the afternoon, and began the process of unpacking.

Now I'm attempting to obtain a summer position as a nursing assistant here in Edmonton. And if the Lord wills that I do obtain one, my summer will be set out for me.



PS I shall attempt to post a couple of Dor's pictures of our trip in the near future.

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