Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow, I didn't even realize that I haven't blogged since May. Well, I shall remedy that now. It may be hard to account for everything that has passed in the last couple of months, but I shall try to start from where I left off. :)

I applied for work, I believe that is the starting point. And thanks be to God, who gives us all that is needful, that I obtained employment at a medical clinic in town. I actually applied through a member of the church here, thinking that the likelihood of my being hired was slim. My work isn't quite one to one with what I did in clinical, but I have obtained a large range of experiences that include much of the paperwork side of things, as well as dealing with patients who aren't in emergency, hospital, or long term care settings. I started on the switch board, just putting calls to the caller's desired location. It was a great way of learning who was who with all of my co-workers. From there I learned to sort faxes, attach documents to patients' charts, and then I worked for, and have continued to work for, a range of doctors, filling in for, or helping out, the regular nurses/assistants that work for them. Lots of weights, heights, calls, messages, requisitions, patients in, patients out, results, medications, tests, bookings with the old, the young, and the pregnant. So that is my work in a nutshell. :) And my experience as also shown me that there are a lot of nice doctors in the world, at least if you consider that the clinic I work for has over 40 of them, and I haven't met a mean one yet, not that I've worked with them all...

I've been spending a fair deal of time with the H's as they prepared to, and eventually moved from the house they have been renting for the last few years. Lots of cleaning, packing, planting, and prep work. Which leads to the more note worthy news of my courtship with Mitchell H. No, this wasn't my motive for helping out, but it certainly didn't hurt anything. :) So that is new as of nearly two weeks ago, although it feels like it has been longer as time appears to have wings.

Other news, Dor and Jord just returned last night from a camping trip...and all the kids are still alive, a sign of a successful adventure. Not sure if Dor will live through all of the aftermath, but she is a trooper.

I've truly enjoyed the fellowship of the church here this summer, and feel very blessed in having the opportunity of getting to know everyone better.

Well after such a general post is another summer update really needed? We shall see. :)

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Kathy_adayinalife said...

I'm excited for you Jody, of obtaining a job but more importantly your courtship! We'll keep you in prayer for sure. Our best to you and the rest of the family